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Players live for moments like this and when you are playing your game, one of the quickest ways to endear your hearts to your new fans is to put up an impressive performance. Despite a lot of people not being happy with Anthony Martial's efforts later on, no one can forget his goal against Liverpool in such a feisty atmosphere and that was the same thing Kulusevski treated Tottenham fans to against Manchester City, yesterday.

Forget about Harry Kane dominating the headlines and rightly so, I was so impressed with the work rate or Kulusevski in this Tottenham side. The way he linked up so well as though he has been with Tottenham for ages bodes well for the future. I know he has a lot to learn and a lot to still work on but he was one of the main reasons why Tottenham won yesterday. Son would have opted to play the shot himself if he didn't give him the option inside the box and that speaks a lot about his positioning too.

Kulusevski played an important role in this victory even though their talisman; Harry Kane deserved the spotlight against those who might be his future employer soon...we don't know yet... Just speculations.

Manchester City dominated every aspect of the game against Tottenham. Talk about possessions, passes and other aspects of the game but we all know that football is a result business. Tottenham were clinical and they knew where to hit Manchester City and oh boy, it hurts. Antonio Conte's men heaped Guardiola's first defeat in 112 days on him on home turf which gave Liverpool the ground to close up the gap after winning earlier in the day against Norwich City.

Conte has never lost 3 games in a row and his men made sure the confidence of their coach and the team stays intact as this performance would further strengthen them in their bid for a top 4 finish after performances that weren't encouraging before now.

It only took Kulusevski 4 minutes to send the away fans into energy mode after Son unselfishly laid the pass to him inside the box. Gundogan was the captain of the night and he produced a performance worthy of a captain after he struck the outer part of the post with his brilliant feet before smashing home his effort to draw his side level.

Harry Kane who hasn't scored a goal in 3 games restored the lead for Tottenham after a lovely combination with Son. Harry Kane stepped up and showed a performance that can never be forgotten in the memory of Pep Guardiola and which might strengthen Pep's claim to get him over the summer. He was denied by Ederson when it looked like he was destined to score but he didn't let that affect his performance.

There is no doubt that Tottenham are capable of challenging for the title but things aren't working well for them over the years. They came close on so many occasions to either win trophies or the title but they came short which was the frustration Harry Kane expressed for wanting to leave. Harry Kane is a top professional despite not having his transfer, he never stopped putting in his shift. He scored also in the game but Kulusevski was flagged for offside.

It looked like Manchester City would snatch a draw so late into the game after Romero was punished as he gave away a penalty. Mahrez, who came on to replace Sterling cleverly dispatched his spot-kick as he roofed it into the back of the net in the 91st minute. Mahrez has scored 4 penalties in 4 attempts and Manchester City has gotten 7 penalties in 11 games this season.

Harry Kane made sure he got the last laugh as he powered home his header 3 minutes after Mahrez's penalty and what a performance it was by Harry Kane and Tottenham in general as they defended resolutely and tactically outwitted Manchester City.

What a game, what a player, 2-3 was the final scoreline and Harry Kane bagged his brace but what a moment for Kulusevski. Attention would be on him now. I didn't want Manchester City to run away with the title and I am glad Tottenham won it. How happy are you, sirs @cryptoandcoffee @blanchy and @talesfrmthecrypt?


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@olawalium good write up. I thought Kulu was excellent. Conte wanted him at Inter and you can see why! Romero was quality and to top it all off I had a €10 on Spurs at 9/1 so all round great weekend.

Absolutely, Romero, Kulusevski and Harry Kane were brilliant. Now I understand why Conte wanted him. He has won even my heart over and I would hope to see more of him.

Wow... A great weekend for you. 🥰. Have a wonderful week ahead too.

Hoping this will turn their season around and make the race for the top 4 more interesting. Wolves, Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham and United all fighting for 1 spot.

Absolutely, sir. It scary to see how Wolves won against Leicester City tonight. The race is heating up and it's going to be interesting.

Out of the five teams mentioned, I think it is going to be either Manchester United or Tottenham for the 4th position. Somehow, West Ham will be dropped.

Great win and very important in the context of our season. Still giving away cheap goals which has to stop if we are going to make top 4.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the match as our broadband went down and didn’t come back on until very late in the game. By then I thought better not jinx it and switch on the game. They are doing well without me 😂

😂😂🤣🤣😂 you didn't want to jinx it. It was indeed an important win and they also need to sort the back so they would stop conceding goals that should have been avoided. Glad they stopped City and with Liverpool's win against Norwich, it's going to be interesting to see what the season unfolds.

I told you😜

I'll sponsor one bottle of coke for all Tottenham players😂😂

Now, Liverpool FC have closed in.

It's going to be an exciting league race. I hope Liverpool can continue the winning streak.

Hahahaha don't give them Coke... It's not good for their fitness. 😂😂🤣😂😂😂


What then?

They deserve something for what they did

Let them gain consistency first...before they would be like the Super Eagles that they always lose when they promise them money or when the President calls.

A very important victory for Tottenham
Conte gave a football lesson with his players in the style of playing against the quality of teams such as Manchester City
Harry Kane proves every day that he is a great value, high quality and a great player
"Harry Kane is back Tottenham is back"

Absolutely. It was a spirited performance from Tottenham. I was impressed.

This match hurt me too much just as much as the comeback against Leicester a few weeks ago.

Hahahaha so sorry, my friend.

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