Football predictions for Sunday 27/09

This my predictions for Sunday matches :



Southampton vs Wolverhampton ; welv (0-1)
Arsenal vs Tottenham ; arsenal (2-1)

Barcelona vs levante ; barca 2-0
Real socidad vs elche ; socidad 2-1 1-0
Real betis vs getafi ; getafi 0-1

Italy ;
Juventus vs sampdoria ; sampdoria 0-1
lazio vs roma ; lazio 3-1
Napoli vs cagliari ; napoli 3-0
Udinese vs fiorentina ; draw

Grm ;
Bochum vs Stuttgart ; Stuttgart 1-3
Freiburg vs Augsburg ; freiburg 2-0

Bordeaux vs rain ; Bordeaux 2-0
Brest vs metz ; draw 0-0
Remis vs Nantes ; remis 3-0

And my bet fo today like this ;
Remis win . Bordeaux win .freiburg win . Napoli win . Lazio win . Barca win .

Not: this is just predictions from a football fan . U can copy some matches but in your own risk.


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