2021 SEC Football Predictions - Week 6

We're about to start week 6 of college football. I figured I'd look at the games taking place this week in the SEC and give my predictions to see how I do. Let's see if I can get close on any of these matchups.


Vanderbilt at #20 Florida

12pm | Gainesville, FL | SEC Network

Florida took a loss on the road last week when they went into Lexington. This week they'll be hosting The Commodores in The Swamp and hope to move on to 4 wins.

I think Florida dominates this game. These are just two different levels of SEC competition and Florida needs a good win after last week.

Prediction: Florida 41, Vanderbilt 6

#13 Arkansas at #17 Ole Miss

12pm | Oxford, MS | ESPN

This should be a good game. Both of these teams are coming off hard losses from some of the top teams. I think it's going to be a defensive matchup with Ole Miss' home crowd giving them the edge needed to make a few extra stops.

Prediction: Ole Miss 21, Arkansas 20

South Carolina at Tennessee

12pm | Knoxville, TN | ESPN2

Tennessee looked sharp against Missouri last week. South Carolina won their game but it wasn't an SEC game. I can't see a world where Carolina get's out of Knoxville with a win this week though. I have to give this one to the Volunteers.

Prediction: Tennessee 35, South Carolina 10

#2 Georgia at #18 Auburn

3:30 pm | Auburn, AL | CBS

This should be a fun game to watch. Both Auburn and Georgia's defense have been good but I'd argue that Georgia has been more along the lines of phenomenal. I'll be cheering on the Tigers but I don't think my cheers are going to do much to change the facts. Georgia is one of the best teams in the nation.

Prediction: Georgia 28, Auburn 10

North Texas at Missouri

4:00 pm | Columbia, MO | SEC Network

I'll do my best to never pick a non-SEC team in these predictions. I'll stick with that here and say that Missouri's defense holds strong and they are able to get enough on the board to pick up the win.

Prediction: Missouri 21, North Texas 17

LSU at #16 Kentucky

7:30 pm | Lexington, KY | SEC Network

If you follow me at all you know who I'm going to pick here. My Cats have come out this season with a chip for not being recognized for their success. That being said I'm nervous their early success is going to have them mentally thinking about next week in Athens more than helping Mark Stoops have another piece of Kentucky history with focus on tonight in Lexington.

That doesn't mean I think the Cats are going to fall to LSU. Instead I think they give up an early lead and work their way back to showcase their mental strength by overcoming some adversity. This should be another fun game to watch.

Prediction: Kentucky 28, LSU 24

#1 Alabama at Texas A&M

8:00 pm | College Station, TX | CBS

I wish I could say the Aggies stood a chance, they don't. This one will be over in the first quarter.

Prediction: Alabama 54, Texas A&M 14

Slight miss on the Bama/A&M game. 🤣

Yeah that one was pretty bad off. I'll take being wrong about Bama winning any day of the week.

You really love your college football and predicting scores is really tough no matter what sport it is.

I'm a huge fan :) I wish we had more college football talk in the tribe but it'll come with time.

I did well today so far with the actual teams but my scores are all over the place. I'm just proud I picked the right teams. That's a step up from how I'd usually do.

You came close on the Georgia game. Ole Miss and Tennessee you nailed the margin.

I have LSU 33 UK 32...

Oh and I am going to be building something soon that I think you're going to like. Plus, I'll have probably Kentucky Basketball news, stats and odds coming out on a daily basis in a few days.

O/U on Sahvir Wheeler's three point shooting percentage? I would say 26% is the number to go over or under.

I wish I would have placed a parlay on money lines for today. I would have done alright I think. It could get interesting for a lot of bets if what's happening down in College Station keeps going down though.

It's not looking good for that UK score at the moment. It doesn't look like I even gave my Cats enough credit by the way they played in the first half. I'd love to see my Cats go 6-0 for the first time in my life.

I'm all ears! I love hearing the word build. 😄 If there's anything I can do to support never hesitate to let me know.

I'll take an over on that one. I can't wait for tomorrow night's Pro Day game. It's going to be a fun year for Kentucky sports!

I have been hitting 60%+ lately on College Football totals.
35-7 is just wow for UK. Alabama is in trouble with A&M, I had A&M +18... most were on Alabama -18. This is going to be interesting. We have a cover on that Over.

Michigan is having a reversal of fortune at Nebraska, but we shall see. I feel better about the total now.

I have to finish making automated TikToks and then I'm getting College Hoops/Football set up on here. Then comes the build. If you haven't noticed, there's like maybe 5 of us who actually care about college sports here and I see this new project as an opportunity to take things in a direction that would be really cool. A more fun, insiderish, trash-talkin' environment where there is a bit of a knowledge threshold to really participate. It will not be a blog, I think you know where this is going. I'm going to try to find ways to have some level of moderation because while the technology is decentralized, there are controls in place on the side-chain and community level just to ensure that things don't go off the rails.

Florida is dominating at the half over Vandy - ✔️
Tenn beating SC at half - ✔️
MS over Arkansas at half - ✔️

My scores are going to be way off. I'm confident in my Florida and Tenn picks but the Ole Miss/Arkansas game is going to be a tough one all the way to finish I'd say.