Sport Photography: international boxing tournament in Krakow

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I am happy to contribute to the Sports Talk Social community again after a while. This time, I will take you to a boxing tournament. It was actually the very first time for me to visit such an event as I had never been to a boxing tournament before but it was awesome and the performances of the fighters were just so impressive! The tournament took place in the famous sport arena of Wisla Krakow a few days before Christmas. We got to watch many interesting man fights in several weight categories, one woman fight and even one fight between wheelchair fighters. If you open the photos below in a separate tab and zoom in, you might be able to tell some of the mentioned fighters apart ;)









I hope you enjoyed the shots. I wish the quality was better but the light conditions in the arena were extremely challenging for my old phone camera as it was almost completely dark in there with just the ring being in the spotlight for the most part.

How about you guys? Are you a fan of boxing or some other combat sport? Have you been to a tournament in any combat sport? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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Úplně jako polský Rocky!! Výborná zkušenost!! "Nikdo nerozdává tak tvrdé rány jako život. Ale nejde o to, jak inkasuješ. Tady jde o to, kolik ran uneseš a přesto se znovu zvedneš. Kolik ran dokážeš přijmout a nezastaví tě. JENOM TAK SE VÍTĚZÍ! " Rocky Balboa

Looks like a lot of fun

Oh yeah it was great! I am sure you and your (wrestling) daughter would love it too :)

Really lovely to see

I used to watch boxing at Saturday nights :)

Cool :) Who is your favorite fighter?

I used to watch Mike Tyson.

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