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European Football had made a hard turn this April with the announcement of the Super League.
At first I thought it was an extra tournament on top of the schedule they already have. No need
to mention teams, but all European top teams were thinking they can pull this off right in the open. I have to say PSG and the top German teams did not even join at first.

It looks more like the type of the league like the NBA, NFL stuff where just a few good teams will
always play together for a trophy. At first it did not sit right with UEFA. Super League will undermine
their league and they will lose on TV fees in the billions. I knew something like that, would not fit well
with any other league.

It seems the effort starts with Real Madrid and the English clubs willing to start this league so they can hold on to the profit themselves. If you watch worldwide sport, American style was all over it. In the short run it may look like something new to revitalize the game with the format in place.
The approach did not sit well with the fans.

Just because the NBA, NFL work in America, definitely it will not work in Europe where Football
fans are in another level. After all like they say it is not about the money. This example serves well
the other day Chelsea lost to a team in the way out of EPL. It was crazy to watch but people like to see that and the fans find joy. With Super League you will not find this enjoyment.

We heard the fans are not onboard with it. The coaches and players also are lost with the Super
League. It could mean more money for them but there is no clear path for other clubs to participate.
As a fan of the game, Super League makes it more obvious the plan by restricting lower teams to
play big teams and share the match profit.

Lately for the past two years there is no fans, so the teams play the players from other means by broadcasting deal. I can see why changes should come.
It will be problem going forward mixed with crisis if both parties don't resolve the issue. Again it is not alone about money. The fans did voice their opinion and hopefully EPL, Champions League, Europa League and all the leagues run thing under the rug for the fans.

Gladly the players just want to play. Not much for them to say since many folks did not know what was coming. Some of them did post, talk and at the end of the day, they all want opportunity to show their
skills. I know changes within the clubs will come where front office guys will lose their jobs.
Always a new beginning since Super League idea only lasted 48 hours.
For the UCL, next week let the players play for their fans.


Well I don't have anything against the super league. I just have a problem with the fact that small clubs don't have the opportunity to rise and this is so sad .

I agree with you. I think if they plan it accordingly it could get through with little hesitation.
It could be that play in a special format where they have invitation for other small teams.


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This is basically John Steinbeck's novel The Pearl but applied to our beloved football. Hopefully it's never allowed to happen out football will lose that little bit of heart it retains in the form of tradition.

The Super league was pure greed, plain and simple.

This is not over yet as the clubs involved will be punished and expect the English clubs to be handed severe sanctions of some sort still. The other 14 Premier League clubs had a meeting this week and feel totally betrayed and quite rightly so.