SPORTSTALKSOCIAL CONTEST: Final Score Prediction of EURO 2020 Final Game With Total Prize 100,000 SPORTS

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The final game of EURO 2020 England vs Italy is going to happen today in Wembley Stadium. So, to make this moment more fun and entertaining among us Sportstalksocial users, I would like to make a contest. The contest is very easy, you might just pick the final score of the game. The prize of 100,000 (100k) SPORTS are from my own wallet.


The rule of contest:

  1. Just pick the final score of the Euro 2020 final game and answer it in comment section. For example: England 2-1 Italy or England 1- 2 Italy and so on. You may also pick draw score like 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, and so on. The score after pinalty kick is not counted.
  2. If there are more than one winners, the prize will be divided to all winners.
  3. The contest will be closed one hour before kick-off
  4. If none win the prediction, I will giveaway the prize (100K SPORTS) divided to all entries.

It is very much appreciated if you’d like to reblock and share this post on twitter. Have fun!


Italy 1 - 0 England

Your answer is

Italy 1 - O England

Thanks for the entry

England 2-0 Italy.

Your answer is :

England 2-0 Italy

Italy 2 v 1 England

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Your answer is :

Italy 2 v 1 England.

Thanks for the entry

Italy2-0 england

Your Answer is:

Italy 2 - 0 england

Thanks for the entry for the contest

Italy 2 - 0 England

Your answer is:

Italy 2-0 England

Italy is already unbeaten 33 games. They are a great team. Thanks for the entry

England 1- 2 Italy

Your answer is:

England 1-2 Italy

Thanks for the entry. Hopefully, you win this contest :)

Thank you very [email protected], I receive your gift with gratitude.