Joao Felix Haunts his old club to Give Barca 3 crucial points!

Quite literally the next two matches will shape Barcelona's season at La Liga! We face a very very very difficult Atletico Madrid and then next week the league leaders Girona.

The lineup is pretty much expected. Joao Cancelo after his best performance against Porto starts again at left back. Balde finally has some competition for his position in the starting lineup. Let's hope this is the push that was needed for him to up his game. His form dipped quite sharply this season.

If Joao Felix also finds his rhythm against his old team, the cancelo felix combo down the left flank will be frightening to watch!

Raphinha starts on the right wing ahead of Lamine Yamal is the right choice I'd say. Even though Raphinha has been very poor recently, but I don't think we can expose a 16 year old kid to the Atletico thugs because let's face it, Atletico madrid is more interested in wrestling on the pitch than playing actual football.

The only thing is, why is lewa starting ahead of ferran torres? By now there can be no question that ferran needs to be starting games and lewa can come off the bench towards the end. Ferran also misses a lot of chances but he brings a lot more to the game by terrorizing the opposition defense. Lewandowski does nothing.

The other issue is whether Inaki Pena will be up to the task. He has done fairly well midweek against porto, but Atletico is a different breed of assholes. They will get under everyone's skin. Boy, how we're gonna miss Gavi tonight :(


Great chance for Raphinha in the first minute, but he drags it wide.

And another great chance squandered by Lewa!

Barca trying to attack too much from crosses into the box but we have to realize we are not at an advantage aerially against a team like atletico. Aerial crosses are less likely to bring us a goal unless the Atelti defense makes a blunder. These long balls are just not working.

And now Atleti see their chance saved!

And lewa misses another opportunity! He is just too wasteful these days.

And Joao Felix scores against his old team! Barcelona 1-0 Atletico Madrid! Great play from Raphinha, and an even better finish from felix! From the Atleti commentator on TV, you can just tell how much this burns them assholes!



What an excellent challeng from Frenkie de Jong to deny Griezmann a clear goal!

As I had suspected, the atletico thugs don't really want to play football. All they know is wrestling. These retarded assholes don't even know the F of football. Disgraceful club, disgraceful players.

Almost a second goal for Joao felix, graet save.

What a stupid fucking referee! He clearly impeded Barca's play and didn't even stop the play! Do La liga actually go out and look for brain dead people and appoint them as refs?

Half Time!

That should have been a red card for Atleti right at the beginning of the second half. This ref is doing everything possible to help atleti kill joao felix.

I think Lewa's time is up for this game. Just bring ferran torres on Xavi. Lewa is bringing nothing to our game except for slowing our transitions and spoiling our end balls.

Pedri is slowly getting back to his best after the injury lay off. Still not a hundred percent though.

Ooooh! Raphinha hits the post! So unlucky! Beautiful play by barca! And right at the other end Atleti break and Griezmann almost equalized. Atleti are slowly growing into the game. One goal is all it takes to shift the momentum. We really need to extend our lead soon.

Nervy moments for Barca fans.

Ooouf! Great chance for kounde, he should have taken the shot himself.

Joao Felix comes off, he's had a fantastic game today! Ferran Torres on. Lamine yamal on for Raphinha. Why on earth is Lewandowski still onthe field? Does he have xavi's nudes or something! Absolutely baffling decision to take felix off and keep the deadweight lewandowski.

What a great great save from Inaki Pena to keep our lead! That freekick was destined for goal!

And how the FUCK has Lewandowski missed that! How many times will I have to write that. Fucking hell, why the hell is lewandowski on the pitch!

Fermin Lopez ready to come on. Surely Lewandowski has to be taken off now.

No way! Lewandowski still stays on! Pedri comes off, he's been one of the best players on the pitch! What is Xavi's obsession with Lewa!

Oh another fantastic save from Inaki Penaat the death to save Barcelona!

And that's that! Barcelona 1-0 Atleti at full time!

This referee is an absolute disgrace. He should not be allowed to live!


He should not be allowed to live!

I understand how emotional football can be and all, but you should also tame the emotions especially when posting on the internet. That referee is someone's family.

May we not get in trouble for something done at the heat of the moment.

I agree it was heat of the moment, but I am also not going to back down from calling out the atrocities one does just because "he is someone's family."

I know it will sound controversial, but would you be so kind to someone who mugged and hurt your mother or a close one for example, just because "he is someone's family?" No, right?

I completely understand your point, but just because some one is some one's family gives them no right to be disgracefully unjust to someone else.

I guess you didn't hear about the fact that these referees actually broke into Barcelona's dressing room at half time and at full time trying to spy on the team's conversation?

I'm not saying injustice should be tolerated, no. My point is, posting on the internet a statement that directly threatens a life may backfire. If that referee eventually got attacked or murdered that statement up there becomes way bigger than it looks.

Look, I've said worse things about referees too, but it will never find its way to the internet.

Ah okay, I get it. I misunderstood the point you were making earlier. 👍

He is improving day by day, you can clearly see the passion and love he has for Barcelona, I just hope they keep him.

It will be very difficult for Barca to permanently sign him. Atletico Madrid is not going to make it cheap and Barca don't have the FFP to sign him. They might sign him again on loan.

Well! I guess Joao Felix is rare Gem but what stampled his career was being in the midst of Diego Simeone anti-football at a point before he sorts to change his mind. He's a kind of playing who loves playing offensively all the time without remorse. Unfortunately, his spell at Chelsea fc didn't go as planned, maybe he's meant for Laliga football.

Quite literally the next two matches will shape Barcelona's season at La Liga! We face a very very very difficult Atletico Madrid and then next week the league leaders Girona.

Well! I saw Barcelona vs Girona fc game yesterday, I guess Girona are good at what they do which Barcelona players couldn't handle.