Midweek that Delivered!

Well well well! What a fantastic midweek for the premier league eh!

I am generally not a fan of midweek games. All the matches are usually too late in the night for me and I am almost always on admission duty at the medicine ward on Wednesdays, which is when all the good games are. I often times miss out some important champions league games for them being midweek. And staying up till 4 am to watch the games are a major pain in the ass!

However, the unexpected heavy rain last night meant very few patients came in the night giving me quite the unprecedented opportunity to catch some of the action live on my phone as I was going to be up all night anyway!

And boy did this midweek pay off! Not in terms of exciting games, but in terms of the points table!

Liverpool take all 3 points at Sheffield United!

It was quite a straightforward game in the end really. The score line might say just a 2-0 victory, however it was much more comfortable in the end. However, there were a couple of early close calls and kelleher and Van Dijk bailed us out big time.

But since those early threats, it was mostly one way traffic. Sheffield United put all their heart in the game, but they just didn't have the quality going forward.


The downside though, and it's a worrying one, is Alexis McAllister's injury. We need to wait and see how long he takes to recover but losing him at a time when his and Szoboszlai's midfield dynamics was getting to its absolute best is a big big blow. here's to hoping it is not that serious.

Salah still waiting on his 200th goal for liverpool after missing a couple of really good opportunities.

City lose to Aston Villa 1-0!

The big story of the week, and the one that has quite an impact at the top of the table - Aston Villa beat Manchester City by 1 goal! Man City has been uncharacteristically horrible, and toothless in attack. After enforcing an early double save from Emi Martinez, Man City didn't really even get too many shots on target at all. Aston Villa held their fort well enough...didn't give city any spaces and when the opportunity came calling, they pounced upon it. Albeit there was a bit of luck involved in the goal in the form a deflection that kinda bamboozled Ederson a bit.


But kudos to Aston Villa for their efforts. They were not intimidated by City at all. And with less than 10 minutes left and a one goal lead to defend, Villa were not afraid at all to go forward against a team like city on the counter. Agreed, this is a bit of a stupid thing to do because even when City is having a bad day, they can make you pay even with the slightest of an opening. But it was brave nonetheless from Villa.

And with yesterday's win, Aston Villa has now gone 14 wins in a row at home! Unai Emery is really turning this Aston Villa team into something!

And thus Liverpool now sit just 2 points from Arsenal at the top of the table and 4 points ahead of Manchester City! And Aston Villa topples City to go in third position. The Title race is well and truly on!


Unai Emery is doing a marvellous job with Aston villa, I'm honestly loving this rise of "small teams" in the Premier League, Newcastle, Aston villa and the likes.
The Match against City was entertaining but It should have been more than 1:0, Aston villa had some good opportunities to extend their lead but they just couldn't convert.

Yep, you're spot on there! The rise of the smaller teams sure has made the league much more interesting and something to look forward to. However, I think we will not be calling Newcastle one of the small teams for long. They did use to be one of the giants like 20-25 years back and with the new owners,they will reach those levels sooner than later.

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