Fantasy Premier League Week 28 review

This is my Week 28 review of the Fantasy Premier League results. My team scored 33 points above the average score of 26.

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It was a disaster week for many and the average score was a measly 26 points, luckily I scrapped through above the average.

This was thanks to my goalie who did very well against Newcastle. He kept a clean sheet plus his saves and bonus scored 10 point.


The major down this gameweek was I didn't get all the scores for the full team. Only 10 of my players played as some games were postponed.


I can help but to comment about Liverpool's shocking 3:0 lose against Watford. The Gunners gets to keep their invincible record. Way to go!!!!!

League position

SportstalkSocial League 34/105 ⬆️
Steem Fantasy League 53/212 ⬆️