SportsPredictSocial daily contest for today 4th of January 2020, join to earn more tokens for your daily prediction posts




Welcome to today's edition of SportsPredictSocial daily contest, we are happy to have you.

You have a chance to win big today by joining our contest. For every contestant of this daily contest, you are going to earn more SPORTS tokens from upvotes and burn rewards of SPORTS tokens.

How to join

Are you psyched about earning more SPORTS tokens and would love to join our contest? If yes, follow these procedures

Incentives and Rewards

All contestants must comment the link to their post here in order for their prediction post to be counted.

Each comment containing the link to your prediction on this post will receive a 10% upvote from @sportspredict after we must have verified that you truly joined the contest by checking our wallet for incoming transfers for that day.

Your prediction post will get an extra 20% upvote apart from the one you are entitled to. If your prediction score dictates that you should get a 30% upvote you will end up getting a 50% upvote if it can be verified that you joined the contest.

If you are shortlisted as one of the daily five winners for today's contest, the rewards for this post will be burned and you will receive a part of the burn rewards alongside the remaining winners. Therefore you are encouraged to upvote this post in order to maximize earnings though it isn't compulsory.

As one of the shortlisted five winners you will also receive a part of the burn rewards generated from the 300 SPORTS tokens sent in by all contestants alongside the remaining winners.

Winners of this contest will receive a reply under their comment on this post notifying them of their winnings.

All contest entries will be evaluated after 48 hours of entry after which all the matches have been played.

To learn more about how the contest works and how winners are chosen you can read this post

You can read more about SportsPredictSocial here to know more about the project.

Feel free to reach out to us. Our team is readily available to attend to users, we welcome any form of suggestions, questions and feedback in our discord server.