The Pressure Is Getting More Feisty.

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These are definitely pleasant times in the Emirates as regards challenging for the Epl title .It honestly still feels so surreal seeing Arsenal on top of the table with a 5 gap lead .


We are in the middle of the month of March and Arsenal somehow still find themselves at the summit of the table. Rival fans have labelled us an elephant who doesn't know how it got on top of the tree but will definitely fall off . Up till now the elephant is yet to fall off the tree.

I must say a lot has really changed . For one , I've always maintained the fact that if the team really wants to be seen as a competitive and fierce one , the players must up the ante when it comes to the aspect of winning mentality. There's no doubt Mikel Arteta has done a tremendous job in psyching the boys up to see themselves as winners already always even before the ball is kicked.


Coming from behind at Villa park to beat Aston Villa and Bournemouth at the Emirates did speak much volume of how the boys have adequately worked on themselves mentally and physically. The Reiss Nelson winner against Bournemouth will always be a long lasting memory.

Watching the match against Fulham at Craven cottage on Sunday showed how much the boys are confident of themselves on and off the ball . Arsenal clearly dominated the match . I mean they played that day like their life really depended on it . It was so much joy and fun to watch I must confess. New boy , Trossard I can say has indeed settled in the team . He bagged an hat-trick of assists , assisting Gabriel, Martinelli and Odeegard to hit the back of the net respectively .

I can imagine the evil smile on all Arsenal fans' faces when they saw Gabriel Jesus come on the pitch during the second half of the Fulham win. Yes ! Jesus is back !! I don't mean the second coming, Lol.

Having Gabriel Jesus back in the fold is like adding fuel to a burning flame . He came back from injury at the damn right time . With 11 more premier league games to go , his arrival is much of a huge boost to these confident squad of players .


Today, we face Sporting Cp in a return leg fixture of the UEFA Cup at the Emirates. I hope the boys are able to make a tremendous mark tonight thereby qualifying for the next stage of the Europa league. It will be such an elating feeling seeing Arsenal get to the finals of the Europa cup. I mean no Arsenal fan would mind this feat.

The boys need to continue to always get their mind together, feed their focus and starve their distractions if they wish to make a headway in their search for a trophy to clinch this Season.

In football it is not always over until it is really over . Form is temporary, Class is permanent. The boys really need to get their heads up and high . Rival teams won't let it come easy , especially Manchester City . I still see them as a big contender to win the league . Any form of slip up from the Arsenal team will be nothing or less disastrous to our title hopes . I need the boys to be 100 percent focused right now . It is really getting feisty now!


Arsenal has been doing a really good job. It's funny how nobody gave them a chance until half of the season got exhausted. it gets more interesting when you see that many people still don't rate them despite the fact that they are topping the league till this moment.

To be fair, a lot can still happen between now and the end of the season, but if anyone deserves to win this, Arsenal surely has to be that 'one'. They are having a very good season.

Well said bro . So sorry for the late reply..
It's an 8 point lead at the moment with City having a game at hand . I still believe City aren't giving up just yet hence why we need to take each of our 10 remaining games like it's a final .