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The world greatest footballers hopes of winning the only trophy left to add to his cabinet is now with in reach. Lionel Messi put on a masterclass and helped his Argentina side to a comfortable win over a dogged Croatian team. 3 - 0 would usually flatter a sides performance, but Argentinas win was well deserved and 3-0 could have been a lot more. For me this was Argentinas best performance of the tournament. Form start to finish, the chance of Argies loosing was never in danger. They looked so comfortable, looked strong all over the pitch. Thats not saying Croatia were bad, not at all, but the Argies were just on fire.

Argentina have now reached the World Cup final for the sixth time, doing so in two of the last three competitions. Only Germany (8) have reached more finals in the competition than Argentina, who are level with Italy and Brazil, who have also reached 6 semis.


They are just the second team in World Cup history to win two different semi-finals by a 3+ goal margin, ghe other team being Germany, also winning 6-1 versus USA way, way, way back in 1930.

STAT OF THE DAY: This was the biggest World Cup semi-final victory while keeping a clean sheet.


@GOLDROOSTER steamrolls past @THEKITTYGIRL and looks to face @stickitupboys (FRANCE) should they ease passed @silverd510 (MOROCCO).


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I am ready for the final. Had a last call with the "Dutch "Argentinians Taglifico and Alvarez (both former Ajax). They know what to do exactly now.

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No doubt this world cup will never be forgotten. No doubt this world cup is one of the best world cup in football history. Qatar made it historical and put 100% in the success of this football world cup. This is sports and that team will win who will play better from opponent side. Personal I am supporting Argentina and the reason behind this is only leniol messi ❤️

😲 what a perfect ending it will be for Messi if he closes these beautiful chapters he has been writing with winning the World Cup, he will be considered by every football fan as the greatest to ever play the game, the debate will finally be over, but that's if tho😁.

what a night it was for millions of Messi and Argentina supporters worldwide and I have full faith they are going home with the trophy on Sunday.

Congratulations what a win by argentina. Messi perform is amazing. Best of luck Argentina for the world cup final. My wish is to watch Argentina vs morocco finals and Morocco will win this world cup.

What an amazing match, messi proved he is greatest of all time. I'm sad for ronaldo but hopeful for messi to life this world cup. It's not easy to reach semi final when there are strong teams as opponents but Argentina wins two out of three .

You never know what will happen…..

Very interesting comment about the ball,the World's population is currently focused on ball matches. Now the Argentina team enters the final round with france, living in the final round who will be the champion? Thank you. Greetings.