Why the Premier League Is Best in the World

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Hands down, the Premier League is the undisputed king of football and it's not even close. There are so many reasons why it's the best league in the worldand I've condensed it down to these reasons why.

10. Best Footballers

The Premier League is the strongest league in the world, with the best teams and players according to Global Football Rankings. The leagues TV rights agreement in the U.S. is worth an astonishing £2b following a six-year agreement with broadcaster NBC.

It's revenue that allows Premier League teams to buy the best players in the world, with £1b summer transfer window expenditure the new norm.

9. Bankrolled by Billionaires

Five of the top ten richest clubs in the world are from the EPL and the league itself has reached revenues upwards of £1.8 billion. Only the NFL, MLB, NBA and India's IPL cricket league generates more revenue than the Premier League.

The league continues to be an attractive investment option for deep-pocketed investors who continue to bring in the best footballers making it the most entertaining in the world to watch.

8. Global Appeal

In 1992 there were only 11 non-English or Irish players in the league. Fast forward to 2022 and more than 60 countries are now represented in the Premier League, foreigners now making up more than 60% of all players. The Premier League was also shown in 188 of 193 countries during the 2018-19 season making the EPL the best league in the world.

7. Best Supporters

English football fans are known to be among the most passionate in the world and across the 2018/19 Premier League season, stadiums averaged 98% capacity. The explosive atmosphere of a Premier League game can be felt from your own living room, with crowds chanting and singing regardless of the result.

The English are also extremely loyal and passionate for their football teams. Even when their teams battling relegation, they'll still turn up. The hatred that fans will have for their rivals is also next level.

6. Biggest Rivalries

The English Premier League has arguably the biggest, best and most intensive football derbies in the world. The North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham is one of the most fiercest in the world. The Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton is well known to divide both families and friends in Liverpool, with Anfield and Goodison Park less than one mile apart.

The Manchester derby has also reached a new level of fierceness with the historically successful Manchester United no longer the most dominant club from the city. Manchester City have been bankrolled into one of the strongest teams in the world with Manchester considered 'blue' and not 'red' in recent times.

Stay tuned. I'll be back tomorrow with another five reasons why the EPL is the best league in the world.


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The global appeal is crazy. Even for non-English players, you get to hear in their interviews of how the EPL is the most-watched league in their countries.

The economic value of the league is just insurmountable, reason you see even the relegated teams get prize money as much as some league winners in other countries.

Yep it's quite unreal. More unreal is that it's starting to have a positive impact on the national team, I dare say because of the level of competition they have around them now

The rivalries are one of the best parts of it. You’ve named some of the big derbies but there are others too which come and go over the years as clubs rise and fall. Not too long ago you had United vs Arsenal as a real grudge match. United vs Liverpool is always a big fixture and even rivalries that pre-date the Premier League era like Chelsea vs Leeds permeate into the modern day. Fans don’t forget!

I’ve pre-warned my wife that the few days up to and including the 16th Jan are going to be tense in our house in the run-up to the North London derby. Looks like a lot could be riding on that game! She’d probably be best getting herself out of the house for a couple of hours …

Ahahahahaha... I love the last part of your comment. This reminds me of me and my dad. Although I'm an Arsenal fan, I love to cheer for Real Madrid while he is a Barcelona fan. I love to get under his skin, especially when they're in a poor run of form.

I've grown to take the rivalry between Chelsea and Arsenal for who owns London cos I feel Arsenal are way ahead of Spurs, although the atmosphere when we play Spurs is incomparable to that of against Chelsea. 😁

Who is the Spurs' fan between you and your wife?

My wife doesn’t follow football. It’s more a case of her being better off our the house so that she doesn’t have to put up with me pacing up and down, shouting, swearing and just generally being bad company!

Barcelona fan! Poor guy! Doesn’t have much to shout about at the moment !BEER

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Oh... Cool!

Barca fan 😂

Wow I couldn't even imagine how North London would be in the lead up to the derby. We really don't have anything on that level here in Sydney unfortunately.

You just gave me an awesome idea for a post. Examples of players that have played for two fierce rivals. Sol Campbell anyone?

Sounds like a good idea!

The real controversial ones are when they transfer directly from one rival to another i.e. Campbell

Ashley Cole
Carlos Teves

They'd all be good examples

Do they still do the state of origin matches in the AFL?

Thanks mate. Some real traitors out there!

There was an origin charity a year or two back but that was it. Once Freo, Port etc. joined I think it became less relevant. Especially now with the Giants and Sun's recently it's really become a national game. Although not that big up in Sydney

I am going to assume the best managers is in one of the next 5 lol.

Ahahahahaha... Well, you can't argue that. Look around and you'd agree that the best crop of managers are in the Premier League by a thousand miles.

Nope, although the league does have high profile managers but I'd argue that Bundesliga managers are tactically superior

I have no doubt because I've never found any other league more appealing to me other than the Premier League. I've watched a few derbies here and there in different leagues but nothing beats the Premier League, to me.

It's just a different level and the passion runs so deep in their veins. Wish I lived in London sometimes

Absolutely.. the passion is intense... I love to see it.

It is the most competitive league of all, without a doubt it has the highest number of clubs with the best quality in relation to the other leagues where the same clubs are always in the race for the top of the table, here in the Premier League simply anything can happen despite the fact that certain names are always maintained.

100%. I think clubs like Brentford can hugely disrupt in the future. Their owners was a professional gambler and used key performance indicators and data to get them from the brink of bankruptcy and into the EPL. I think other teams may adopt this and crack the top 4 and beyond

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hard to disagree really

Great publication and it was an interesting read. Have a nice day ahead.