My physical check-up - Going well

Hello !

Today I would like to share with the very few people who read my sports post who my sports journey is going and how I want it to be in the future.

First of all, 4 years ago, after quitting High school I stopped all kind of sports. The only remaining Activity I was doing was to walk around 20 or up to 50 minutes per day during the week to go to School.

Adding to that the fact that I started to live alone and cook for myself, I started to make too big portions of food and eat everything. Even if it took barely 2 years, during that period i took 10kg and I started to feel bad about this. During the biggest part of my life I was pretty thin even skinny sometimes so this was a big change and I wasn't proud of it.

That's how I had enough motivation to start doing sport and lose that weight ! Now I lost 17kg since that moment and I really feel comfortable In my body, I don't want to be thinner but if I had to take some weight I would like it to be muscular mass.

The problem is that now I don't have enough motivation to do my 30 minutes sport everyday so I'm not going in any muscle. Even if now I thin enough to see little changes after only one sport session.

Now i know that what would make me do more sport it to get subscribed to a club, to have more people to motivation me. And there is two sports I would like to do.

The first one is the one I practiced when I was young. And this would probably be the topic of a future post. I was moving that sport during 7 years, from 4 to my 11yo. I think I stopped it because of how people see this sport and because I was seeing my level that wasn't increasing so much whole my friends' ones were.



I stopped it 11 years ago and I now would really like to start it again. But As you can understand this isn't so easy today because of Coronavirus. Practicing an indoor sport is becoming hard to find nad more than that, I don't have enough money to pay for the lessons.
You can also imagine that I'm not rich enough to have my own gymnasium.

The second Sport I would like to practice is totally different

Self-defense or particularly KravMaga.


(When i searched Krav Maga on Pexel that showed me this and that was terribly inappropriate so I love it)

I have 0 experience in every combat sport. I took part of a fight at least 3 times but every tiles that finished the same. No winner. Not because we made like in an anime or a movie and we were fighting with the same power. No, just because I'm against violence and it appears that I can tank. Each time the other guy hit me two or three times and. Nothing, I just said "ok stop it now it's ridiculous" and that stopped. One time I got a black eye and that was just something funny to tell to my friends when they asked me how it happened.

That doesn't mean that I want to learn how to fight to be able to respond instead of getting punched because that would probably don't change nothing, I don't like to hurt people so even if, and I really don't think that will ever happen, I'm becoming a Killing machine, I would never use it. Maybe being able to dash to avoid to be punched would be great.
(You can see that the best fighting experience I have with fights comes from videogames)

The problem remains the same, and here we need to have someone else to try the techniques so that won't happen before a long time. When the pandemic is over.

For now I'm trying my best to do some sports at home and continue to be that thin. I love my body with a BMI of 18,6.


I hope to be able to start it soon.

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