Sports Power up - 47k in the pocket !


I'm here to power up once again my sports !

I have few updates since the last time. First of all, I'm pretty happy of my rhythm of posting !

I'm almost only sharing my actifit posts but I try to do it the best way possible ! I usually try not to post if I don't have at least 7500 steps and few things to share. I really dont like to do like 2 lines with no pictures.

Since few days I also started to change something ! While with my main account I'm staking my HBD in the saving to earn the interests, here I really don't earn enough of them to get anything from it, and I really need more HP to get enough RessourceCredits. I think I'll go below the 30% just because of this post. And I'm trying to do almost 1 post and one comment each day.


You can see I don't have a lot of HP, so I decided to finally set actifit to send me 100% of the rewards in HP ! I really don't need HBD at all !


So ! Here I am ! Power Up !

This time I poweredUp 47 073 Sports ! My biggest power up until now ! I really hope to be able to do more of them !


Even if this is really slow I can see my account growing up little by little, I have at least 1 new follower per month and I sometime have posts with big rewards.

I'm now at 1 234 895 Sports power, I really love to see it growing but I don't think I'll reach the second million in 2021, even if that would be really great !


Now more that my sports I'm also trying to increase my number of UTOPIS and since few days my AFITX to increase my actifit rewards. I know I'm not going to gain a lot with that but with time I hope this number will get bigger !


I'm just realizing I totally forgot we could exchange AFIT for Hive upvotes !!! I'm already doing my best to be eligible for doing it ! I need to send 1HIVE, I'll be able to do it when my HBD will finally be converted to HIVE !

Hope you're doing good here on SportTalkSocial, stake and do sports !


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Good to see that you are powering up your sports tokens. It is a really niche community and comparatively stable community on the #hive.