Will I reach my first 2021 goal ?


Hello dear Sportives.

I'm really disappointed to see that I was wrong.

My first goal on this platform was to reach 1 Million sports staked before March 2021. And while at the really begging of the year that seemed totally working I missed it.

And that is totally my fault. I'm not active at all with this account. I'm not writing enough, not commenting enough neither and I even forgot to use all my daily votes. That makes in one hand a lot of tokens that are not earned and in the second hand even some lost tokens because I wasn't my VP.


Now March is in a week and I still need 30k more sports. At the today's price this is $3 missing.

There is many factor to explain why I'm Loosing this girl :

  • I posted less Actifit reports than I used to during the last month with @ykretz, causing less rewards.

  • I posted less content on this account because I didn't really knew what to post, now I'm having some ideas for the future.

  • With the new price of the token I also sold some of them with my account @ykretz to buy other things like HE-index or Dhedge. And with this account the rewards with others tribes aren't giving as much Sports as before after exchanges.

I can't promise anything but I will try to make more posts during next days or at least weeks.

The problem is that I know that my posts on this account totally depend on how much I earn money from my jobs.

If I get a job I would be able to have some money to pay the rent and maybe enough to do the sports I want in clubs with real trainers. And this isn't something I can't do without a club because in one of the sports I can't be alone and the other I really need equipment and some free room. Something I don't have in my 30m² apartment.

Adding that to the fact that the actual pandemic is causing a lot of troubles because this is only indoor and the indoor sports rooms are mostly closed.

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Since posts take about 7 days to payout. I don't think 30k just from curating is enough even if you curate content a few days ago. It would probably require some outside HIVE to buy sports to reach your goal.

Good luck on your goal or your next goal should you not buy sports. I think it is good that you learned from this experience and hope anything going forward goes well.

From curation I'm earning around 1 000 sports a day so I would still need 23 000 in a week.

I hope to take my error in mind to be more realistic in the future !