#athletics Long Jump by high schools boys under 13 ages || sports gala 2023 at GHS pai khel ground

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hello my dear hive and 3speak family
as you know that sports gala 2023 ended , and my school won many games, my school team won race 400 m and vollay ball final, we also won high jump final, but in this video, i am going to share with you long jump video, it is long video, but every moment in this video is very much interesting, all boys made great effort to win the cometation, but there was only one won, utra kalan high school won this long jump final competation, my students was in 3rd position, every students enjoyed this competation very much hope you all will also enjoy it,
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Sir good to see you ptomoting extra curricular activities in your school.Boys are jumping and the competition looks very healthy.We should promote these kind of games in oir society.Because healthy society may play a vital role in development of country and humanity.
Keep it up sir.

i think students learn discipline and power of leading, in extra curricular activities , so it is very much necessary for student, that they should extra curricular activities and get good leading guide line in games, thank yous so much for appreciation

vah yusuf bhai kya bat he boht hi sandar najara he .or bacho ke sath apka yah video boht hi sundar bhi he.gala sport boht hi acha gujar raha he isi

sports gala har sall new passion ka sath end hotay hain, hum all years students ku games, ma participate kraty aur phar november ma har sall sports gala ka zarya different school ka students ka comeptations hoty , hum nay bhut enjoyed

Great video sir.Enjoying time with students sir.Great game long jam.Actually we used to play long jam when we were in high school.Watching your video reminded me of that childhood.Thanks for giving such a nice video.