Semifinal Leg-2 : Manchester City Vs Paris Saint-Germain

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Paris Saint-Germain will travel to Manchester City's headquarters at the Etihad Stadium in the second leg of the Champions League, Wednesday at 02.00 WIB.

Man City entertained PSG with positive capital after the first meeting on 28 April, the squad nicknamed The Citizens won 2-1 through goals from Kevin De Bruyne (64 minutes) and Riyad Mahrez (71 minutes) despite trailing first through a goal by Marquinhos ( 15 minutes).

Kylian Mbappe threatened to miss this match after suffering an injury in the first leg at Parc Des Princes which made him miss when PSG won 2-1 victory over Lens in Ligue 1.

If Mbappe is absent, this will be an advantage for Man City. Regarding this, Pep Guardiola has a different opinion. Maybe he thinks that even though Mbappe plays, Guardiola will not be worried. Mbappe was successfully made helpless by John Stones and Ruben Dias who played well in defense.

Even though Mbappe is absent, it doesn't mean that Man City will easily win in this match. Mauricio Pochettino's squad has always won in the last three away matches in the Champions League, vs Manchester United 3-1, Vs Barcelona 4-1 and Vs Bayern Munchen 3-2.

While Man City are in solid form, they have recorded four consecutive wins across competitions. Last weekend, goals from Sergio Aguero and Ferran Torres managed to give the Citizens victory over Cristal Palace.

Man City is just a little away from winning the Premier League. If Manchester United lose against Liverpool, then Man City is confirmed to be the champion. However, the match had to be postponed after Manchester United supporters rioted at Old Trafford Stadium.

The second leg match between Man City and PSG is sure to be exciting. Both teams both want to appear in the final and win the Champions League trophy for the first time. Especially PSG, who in the previous season lost the final against Bayern Munich.

In the quarter-finals, PSG managed to get their revenge on last season's final by beating Bayern Munich 3-3 on aggregate. To win the trophy, PSG must first beat Man City to qualify for the final.

Paris Saint-Germain akan bertandang ke markas Manchester City di Stadion Etihad dalam laga leg kedua Liga Champions, Rabu pukul 02.00 dinihari WIB.
Man City menjamu PSG dengan modal positif setelah pada pertemuan pertama 28 April lalu skuad berjulukThe Citizens itu berhasil meraih kemenangan dengan skor 2-1 lewat gol Kevin De Bruyne (menit 64) dan Riyad Mahrez (menit 71) meskipun tertinggal lebih dulu lewat gol Marquinhos (menit 15).
Kylian Mbappe terancam absen di laga ini usai mengalami cedera pada laga leg pertama lalu di Parc Des Princes yang membuatnya harus absen saat PSG meraih kemenangan 2-1 atas Lens di Ligue 1.
Jika Mbappe absen, hal ini akan menjadi keuntungan bagi Man City. Terkait hal itu, Pep Guardiola punya pendapat yang berbeda. Mungkin menurutnya meskipun Mbappe bermain, Guardiola tidak akan khawatir. Mbappe berhasil dibuat tak berkutik oleh John Stones Dan Ruben Dias yang bermain apik di barisan pertahanan.
Meskipun Mbappe absen, bukan berarti Man City akan mudah meraih kemenangan di laga ini. Skuad asuhan Mauricio Pochettino itu selalu meraih kemenangan di tiga laga tandang terakhir kompetisi Liga. Champions, Vs Manchester United 3-1, Vs Barcelona 4-1 dan Vs Bayern Munchen 3-2.
Sementara Man City sedang berada dalam performa meyakinkan, mereka mencatatkan empat kemenangan beruntun di seluruh kompetisi. Akhir pekan lalu, gol-gol dari Sergio Aguero dan Ferran Torres berhasil memberikan kemenangan buat The Citizens atas Cristal Palace.
Man City tinggal sedikit lagi menjuarai Liga Inggris. Jika Manchester United kalah melawan Liverpool, maka Man City sudah dipastikan juara. Namun, laga itu harus ditunda setelah suporter Manchester United membuat kerusuhan di Stadion Old Trafford.
Laga leg kedua antara Man City dan PSG dipastikan berlangsung seru. Kedua tim sama-sama ingin tampil di babak final dan meraih trofi Liga Champions untuk pertama kalinya. Terutama PSG yang di musim sebelumnya kalah di final melawan Bayern Munchen.
Di babak perempatfinal, PSG telah berhasil membalaskan dendam mereka di babak final musim lalu dengan mengalahkan Bayern Munchen dengan agregat 3-3. Untuk meraih trofi, PSG terlebih dulu harus mengalahkan Man City agar lolos ke babak final.