Loud noise when I apply reverse... changing crossheads

For some time now I have been experiencing a loud noise when engaging the reverse of my Jeep Wagonner Limited (automatic gearbox), it is a sound like metal hitting another or like a gear that does not fit correctly, but believe me There have been times when the noise has been quite loud. Based on that, we have been trying to detect where such noise comes from and the truth is it has been a quite complex task. At first we thought it was the transfer, but the noise did not seem to come from there but from the rear transmission or the crossheads.

In a previous maintenance, my mechanic had already mentioned to me that the universal joints were quite deteriorated and that it was necessary to change them, I am referring to the rear universal joints, but by not considering this as an emergency I gave the matter quite a long time. At the time, maintenance was done on the transmission, in fact, we replaced the planetary gears and satellites since what I had had a lot of wear, but it really wasn't the solution, after a couple of days I heard the knock again. I must clarify that this knock is not heard every time I apply the reverse, in fact, I would say it is 50%, but it is a percentage more than enough to activate the alarms.

There was a time when I was able to reduce the number of times I heard this noise and that was by regulating the minimum to about 500 RPM, but it was very low for this vehicle and that caused me problems since it very often went off when I released the throttle. throttle. Now, while it is true that this helped me, the fact that the minimum is maintained at 800 or 900 RPM as appropriate should not generate that loud noise.

So we decided to replace the crossheads to determine if that was the problem. I was able to buy one for $10 (Alloy brand) and another for $5 (Mocar brand), why two different ones? Well, where I bought the first there was only one, but fortunately I got the second one at a better price.



We dismantle the cardan to remove the previous crossheads and replace them with the new ones to which we apply a good amount of grease.




Damaged crossheads



New crossheads placed on the cardan




It was recently yesterday that we carried out this work and the initial tests have been successful, at the moment the noise cannot be heard, but I will not be calm until at least a week passes without that exasperating knock that makes me feel that the gearbox is suffering and that It could cause more expensive damage, but I don't know, I'm not an expert on the subject.

Now, according to your experience, what could cause a loud noise like the one I explained at the beginning of the post every time I apply reverse? Believe me, your opinion will help me a lot to pay attention to other parts of the truck that may not be we have checked. Greetings to all!


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My brother I do not have the knowledge to answer the final question, but I sincerely hope that the noise is resolved, as I have followed the posts regarding the truck because you have really put a lot of love to a vehicle that is worth little by little to take it to 100% we both know that.

Congratulations on every step you have taken and I hope this leon roars a lot because it is a tremendous car. A big hug my bro... You Fuc&%$ Rockkk!!!! 👍😎🔥🚙❤️

Yes, I know it is not an easy question to answer, especially for us who are not experts on the subject. And yes, little by little we are doing what we can so that the truck is in the best possible condition, for now everything is fine. A big hug bro, I really appreciate your support!

What a pity that your vehicle is making noise, I hope that with the parts you have changed it will improve.
I don't know about cars, I couldn't answer your question @musicandreview

At the moment the problem seems to have disappeared, I hope it stays that way in the future. Thanks for your support!

That's great, it's good that you found the problem and found the solution.
Have a nice day

Good morning dear friend @musicandreview how are you?

How great that you changed the crossheads, I hope that was the whole problem and you don't feel any more noise.

I don't know if automatic transmission vehicles have a clutch disc, if they do, it may be a point to check.

Another factor could be the transmission box, but as you mention that everything works well, it is not a concern.

Another thing that usually makes noise is if the cardan has a small deflection.

I hope that the change you made will solve the problem.

Have a great day

What you mention about the cardan makes a lot of sense, believe me I will take it into account if the problem returns. I really appreciate your comment and support. Greetings!

I hope that with the change of crossheads that you have done everything will be solved, and you will not have to continue investigating
Have a splendid Sunday

Is it a manual or automatic transmission?
Also what vehicle is this?_

It is automatic, Jeep Wagonner Limeted from 1994. I would love to know your opinion since the problem persists.

Okay does the car itself thumps when you select reverse gear?

I doubt it's your driveshaft... it sounds like internal gearbox problems... try making sure that the oil is on the level it should be... perhaps an oil change... but either a oil check or oil change would not fix that.. I think it's wear inside the transmission... clutches

Yes, I will check the gearbox and oil levels, I think it makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for your support and recommendation!

If it doesn't drive bad it might be a sticky solenoid or something along that line.