Modified a Yamaha V-Star XVS650 sissy bar / lugguage rack to fit a Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator cruiser

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Kawasaki have discontinued the VN250 (a.k.a. 250V) Eliminator in 2007. Additionally to this, the bike was made for the Japanese market so you don't get much info or accessories for it in Australia. Having sold my Kymco People S 200, I'm left with no storage space and was desperately in need for a top box.

After looking around for a while, I decided to buy an old rusty sissy bar / luggage rack set designed for a Yamaha V-Star XVS650 which has a narrower fender area than my VN250 Eliminator.
old rusty sissy bar / luggage rack for Yamaha V-Star XVS650

I chose this one because from the photo taken by the seller, I could see some bolts and nuts which meant I could separate the luggage rack and back rest from the two side brackets and do something to fit my bike.

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Here is a little reel I shot with a Insta360 X3 camera:

I first drilled an additional hole so that the two brackets could be bolted to the side of my bike. Being a wider bike, the back rest now does not fit between the two brackets anymore that are now 2cm wider. To fix this, I welded two sections of 10mm round bar to the legs of the back rest.

Welded cruiser back rest leg extension

Testing a modified Yamaha sissy bar on a Kawasaki

Two of the four screw holes were still un-obstructed after the mod so could temporarily bolt the luggage rack back in place to test with the top box and it fitted nicely. I just needed to fix the top box a bit further back to allow the lid to open fully. I need a strong weld between the rack and the back rest leg to make sure the top box would not give too much pressure on it and brake it.

Givi top box on a modified sissy bar

All tests were OK so I continued with the complete welding and proceeded with two coats of steel primer.

Steel priming an old sissy bar

Since I don't have the equipment for chrome plating or liquid chrome I decided to paint my new sissy bar with some chrome effect paint. The finished pain is not as reflective and shiny as real chrome but that's much better than how it was before.

Chrome painting an old sissy bar

Installing a modified sissy bar for Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator

The end result is very satisfactory and I now have plenty of space for carrying my son's helmet and jacket when taking him to / from school and I can also do shopping for my wife and carry the groceries back home.

Made a sissy bar to fit my Kawasaki VN250


The result is so cool
I am sure your son will love the ride
Nice job there 👍

You seem to know very well what you do with your bike, I think I wouldn't be able to touch an inch of my bike haha, although I would like to modify it.

It’s a used bike, not very expensive so I don’t mind experimenting to get skill. Then if one day I get a newer bike I would have better skills.

Excellent job, it looks like they work very well with the welding, it looks like the rust and corrosion took its toll on your second passenger seat.

Wow! Nice job! You could repair and make anything! Please try a small rocket! A friend’s old friend used to make a miniature rocket for his son! It lifted off and disappeared!😂

Maybe it’s on the moon now

The 360 video looks great, like someone is following you and filming

Yes I like that effect

You seem pretty handy with mechanical stuff. Good work.

i can be too but mostly i'm handy in the kitchen
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Nice nice! Being good in the kitchen is a great skill

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i can be too but mostly i'm handy in the kitchen

Hehehehe I love the way you said it, I just checked you out, great stuff you’ve got there by the way

i can be too but mostly i'm handy in the kitchen

Hehehehe I love the way you said it and great stuff you’ve got there by the way😃

Thank you dear sister

You’re most welcome 😃

Nothing that a good welder and tool maker can't do, and that is when a vehicle is discontinued, we have the adaptation stage, it turned out really well, thanks for sharing.


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A cool motocycle ✨️✨️✨️

This is a lot of work and the result is your price. This looks really cool. Nice one!

After modification it looks very nice and hope your son will enjoy.

Wao, this is so nice. Won't you consider borrowing me the bike for some time😉😉😉😃

This some real stuff, you are really innovative

Good job mate @quochuy