Giving Some Love To My Own Ford Focus!

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Well Hello There Fellow Technicians And Hivers!

Okay it has been far too long since my last post in this community and I think I might just have to kick myself on my ass to get back into this! With all respect I do think I might have had enough of cars for now!

To jump back into this I decided to start off with a light post, just to get my head around how to put this down again, I've been sharing way too many gaming videos lately and well I really want to jump back into the #Hivemotors community again!

Giving Some Love To My Ford Focus!

It's that time of the year again where everyone is preparing to go on holidays and what not, I myself included in this. Damn when I just finished school a couple of years back I would have never thought to myself that one day I might be going on vacation and I would be the one piloting us to where ever we are headed!

Heck I never thought I would be able to go because things nowadays are so expensive but here I am almost an adult (Not completely, not sure if I'll ever really be a real adult. 😂) and having to get things ready for the trip down to the seaside!

For this one I will only be doing a oil change because I am about 2000 kilometers over and getting it done is my main priority. Closer to our departure date I would be getting a new air filter and also a wheel alignment check.

When I come back from holiday next year I will be giving some major love to this beast of mine! I am planning on doing my shocks along with all of the bushes in my control arms and my mountings as well and to top it off I think I might be doing the ball joints as well.

The reason for this is the dirt road I have to drive!


Now before I drain the oil and fit the new oil filter I thought I might give it some proper love with the water pressure washer, both up top and below!

This kind of surprised me a lot since I drive dirt road everyday and it's not even that dirty, of-course the brownish colour shot through but no clunks of mud pressed in between everything! Just dust covering everything!

Oh at this point I already sprayed the whole engine with degreaser so now I just needed to wap it off!

I was stupid not to get some photos of the cleaned engine but perhaps another time!


I even decide to wap off the tyres! Infact I washed everything almost the entire underbody of the vehicle from nose to tail and doing this is a must, especially when driving off-road even if it's only partially. I did get out a lot of mud from the rear end that got caught up on the exhaust!

Well again I didn't get the after photos! So enjoy these before photos.🤣 What a bummer!



Again with another blurry photo! Imagine.

Well a lot of people really get upset with me about this one, Castrol well let's say people have a deep hate for Castrol they claim it makes sludge in a motor. Let me tell you if you slack on your services any oil would make sludge inside your motor.

Also my grandfather told me something and I've learnt to listen to a man that has been in the automotive industry for a good 50 plus years and what he told me is that I can use Castrol but I should continue to use it because if I add something else it might make a sludge.

Besides, Ford recommends Castrol for their motors! To top that off I got a genuine filter from Ford as well along with a drain plug o-ring!


Whelp not much else to do after I drained the oil and removed the filter. Now usually when I drain my oil I like to leave it over night and have all the oil drained out but since it was a Saturday and I had to work in between this wasn't exactly possible for me because I needed to drive home after the work session.


I'm that guy that cleans everything ten times before fitting the new parts or what not! Especially when it comes to parts that needs to seal!

Some what of a neat freak when it comes to that aspect!

Don't even begin to ask me what my plan is with this vehicle when I have my own space that I can tear it down at! Oh I would have a blast!


Oh The Beauty Of It!

Now that is one thing I admire a lot and that is to see how nice the new parts look on a vehicle!

Of-course that nice new look never lasts long! The first drive home would have ended that beauty right off the bat!

Well folks that about sums that up! Be sure to keep an eye out for the posts I have planned for next year. Planning on giving some major love here but with more photos and a lot more details!



Dated 07/12/2023

Take note this is not a how to guide, merely myself talking about the work I do and my thoughts around certain things.

To everyone who made it this far into my post Thank you for the read and the support.

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Hello brother, excellent job, it is good to perform maintenance and oil changes at the right time, even more so if you are planning a big trip.I see that you are picky about cleanliness when assembling the new pieces, that's good too.I hope you enjoy a good vacation with your family. Greetings

Yeah, I clean everything like four times before assembling anything at all!

I do think I might swap my Ford in for a Mazda when I come back from my trip but we shall see how things go.

Have a great one brother!!


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