The Trunnion Differential Experience.

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Well Hello There Fellow Technicians And Hivers!

Okay before I jump off with this post I have to say that my Technical posts are a bit on the shy side and I don't really like that at all!
The problem isn't that I don't want to write them up, the problem is that I have too much work at work to actually take photos of everything I do!
This was almost the case but somewhere along the line I decided I am going to write something about this!

The reason I want to write something about this is because this is something very new to me! Not this specific vehicle persay but this specific job I had to do on it!
Now I'll be very honest with everyone here, I had no clue how to strip down that front differential of the Toyota Land Cruiser so I took my Old Pops with me to give me a hand but more so hand me the knowledge!

The First For Me!

Well here I am needing to remove the front differential on a Toyota Land Cruiser!

Has anyone any idea how complicated that all looks? Well as complicated as it looks it wasn't all that complicated, perhaps a little confusing but nothing that bad! It looks worse than it is!

I thought they didn't break though! But here we are!

Yes at this point I already started tearing down at the vehicle, my Old Pops pulled out the other side and I tackled this side! Actually a good thing I started here because most of the removing was only the braking system, nothing major!


The Big Old Trunion Differential!

For those wondering, I have to remove this big thing here! It's not about just removing it though! But I'm glad we got it because I've always wondered how the heck does one even start doing this!

Actually the day that I dreaded has come! But now that it came it really isn't that bad at all!


The Condition Is Worse Than I Thought!

Before I went on with the removal of the differential I decided that we might need to drain the oil on this puppy!

I'm glad I did that, otherwise I'd have gotten some blob of oil right in my face as I removed the shafts inside the differential.

Disgusting stuff!


Okay, most people know oil to be dirty and black. Well that isn't suppose to be the case hey! And if oil is real thick like this you can be sure it was never serviced at all! Laughs!

So the oil might not look that bad for most people, but take a look at all the steel clinging to the magnet of the drain plug!

That is hard to look at! I mean the metal shavings is actually longer than the bolt itself!


The Actual Problem!

Okay saying that this is the only problem would not be correct at all!

The problem might have originated from there but the whole differential would be buggered up by now, and this was driven for a long time!

Now the thing I enjoyed most about tearing down this build is that I get to see how it works! I never knew that it had a CV concept inside the Trunnion differential.

Actually at first I didn't think one would be able to get that big Trunnion ball out. (Sorry I didn't get a photo of that. I'll add a googled photo in at bottom of the post.)


It's A Little Bit Of A Bad Situation We Have Here.


It's A Mess I Know!

Well what can you say about a vehicle that is built to sludge through the mud! They last if they are taken care of though and this one, well this one didn't even make it to 200k Kilometers!

I unbolted the front bolts and let it slide out of it's place, I didn't think that would work as great as it did! But now I have a nack for how these things work and the next one I do will be so much faster!


Well She's Out!

Now the real question is will our police force or governmental institutions have enough funds to repair this one! I mean the casing is cracked but that's not the worst part yet. The worst part is that the Trunnion balls are worn out as well.

It might be hard to see but zoom in on the ball at the lower left side of the photo. It has those lines running through it, that means it ran dry of oil.

Well you will surely see another post on this if they decide to fix this one!



Dated 23/11/2023

Take note this is not a how to guide, merely myself talking about the work I do and my thoughts around certain things.

To everyone who made it this far into my post Thank you for the read and the support.

If you found this entertaining or educational please consider a re-blog and up-vote.

Most of all please leave a input in the comments below, whether is good or bad critic I would like to know, whether its your opinion or your way of doing things in a different manner I would like.

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Removing and repairing a differential may well be complicated or tedious, but not for a specialist like you, thank you for sharing with us the process.

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Hello friend, tremendous job you did, I couldn't possibly disassemble something like that and if I do the problem would be being able to put it back together 😂. By the way, if the person responsible for the car tells you that there are no funds to repair it, you have to put all that back together, right? I imagine you get paid for defecting the car, in the end you did part of the work. Well greetings and thanks for sharing.