What's really wrong with my Arauca car?

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Hello, it is the first time that I am public in this community of specialists in engines and mechanics, I certainly do not know anything about it, the basic things like measuring the oil and what I have learned and heard since I have had a vehicle, that for 12 years.


It brings me to this community to share with you what is happening with my vehicle, I am a little distressed, surely you can help me, I have a vehicle in my country it is a Chery Arauca, I bought it from an agency 6 years ago and the truth is that there are few things what had to be done to it, its up-to-date maintenance, its timing belt change, it has 131 km and for me it is a good vehicle and above all super economical in gasoline consumption.


Two weeks ago I began to carry out its revision because I am going to make a trip or rather I am moving from the city, and whenever I made a long trip, I send it to be checked, I started with the alignment where the technician told me that a rubber had broken , and well, something that I have known for a few months, that it is necessary to change the steering jack, which, despite the fact that some tires were replaced, continued to lose a few drops of oil. In short, nothing that prevented me from traveling. I also balanced the tires and changed the engine oil. I needed to check the brakes and other fluids.



It turns out that on Tuesday of last week, I went to look for my car where I keep it and it didn't turn on, the battery no longer responded, fortunately my mechanic lives right across the street and helped me, that day he can solve the pending errands, but with the anguish that I ran out of battery.
On Wednesday I didn't take it out and I went to request a budget for the batteries and collect the money, the cheapest one costs $55 and the most expensive $68, and the galloping inflammation I remember when I bought the previous one, the very good one cost me $40 And it lasted almost two years. On Thursday I ask the mechanic for help again to recharge the battery to go out and buy mine, a very kind customer of the workshop offered me the battery of his car, but
it was 800 , it fit in the space but it was big and the wires on my car are very short. They helped me again and I went to buy my battery and that's it, I thought everything was solved.




In the afternoon, when I returned to store the vehicle, a red light came on, which I immediately remembered was the alternator, I took it to the mechanic and the vehicle has been there since that day. The alternator was checked and repaired, the shaft where the carbons go was repaired and as the mechanic told me, it was running well.
The mechanic took the opportunity to replace the top cover of the valve cover, which was broken and cleaned all the scattered oil, the spark plugs were cleaned and everything was cool. I even recharged the air conditioning gas right there.



The mechanic tested it and then he gave it to me on Saturday at 2 pm and I was doing some errands in it, I returned home to take the things I bought and I went to store the vehicle it was already 5:30 pm, well two blocks away two yellow warning lights came on, one with the letters EPC and the other with the figure of the engine, this situation prevented me from accelerating the vehicle. I call the mechanic again to notify him and he recommends that I change to second gear so that he can move forward a little and return it to the workshop.


On Monday they checked the vehicle, lowered the alternator again and checked the manifold and other things that I really don't understand. For reasons of rain and not being able to move the car, it was not possible to do the diagnosis with the scanner that day, on Tuesday the technician was found to go to the workshop to carry out the diagnosis and they informed me that it refers to the throttle body, to the what was done to him or service and then something that I did not understand much, was that they erased the fault in the scanner, the warning light disappears but only for a few minutes, they also inform me that the brake valve was checked, and the fault persists.

Today Wednesday we wait, I with a lot of patience and hope that the technician will return to scan again, since the mechanic tells me that he wants to be sure, if it is necessary to buy the spare parts or the scanner throws something else.

Well, and here I am waiting for tomorrow, not really knowing what my Chery Arauca has.


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i wish u the best of luck

Thank you, I hope everything is resolved today.

Espero que lo pueda resolver pronto. Mucho ánimo y buena suerte para usted.

Gracias por tus buenos deseos.

 last year  

Well, if they origin of the light and the fail sign un the scaner si not repaired it Will always return I hope the mechanic gets yo the source of failure soon

Thank God the fault was found yesterday, after scanning and deleting, after a few minutes the alternator light appeared. And it turned out to be some wires making contact. I finally got out of this nightmare.

I really hope the mechanic has the hand to find the cause as it has yet to be found, what I find annoying is that they on the battery store dint quite told you and let you buy a new one when it was not the cause of the failure :S

If really. I think it was so many things and I just wanted to solve soon. And the cause was some wires that were making contact, almost about to burn and that sent those alerts. Fortunately it was all before I left on my trip.

Thankfully it were just some wires, at the end of the day :)

Buenas noches @yusma21.
Con todo respeto a las personas que atienden tu vehiculo, me siento inclinado a decir que sus chequeos parecen no ser muy completos. Aca podria aplicarse el Procedimiento de Diagnostico de los 7 Pasos, de lo cual hace algun tiempo escribi una publicación aplicada no necesariamente a una falla de vehículo.
Con ello lo que deseo expresar es lo sig:
a.- Si el vehíulo no enciende, y para el mecánico quien te auxilia, no debe ser solo cuestión de auxiliar con otra bateria. Deberia haber probado si al desconectarle el borne positivo de la bateria, una vez encendido el vehículo, éste se mantenia encendido. Ello hubiese indicado que el alternador no estaba mandando los 13.5 - 13.9 voltios que debe.
b.- Debio luego hacer la prueba de carga de la bateria, que posiblemente estaba descargada porque el alternador no mandaba lo suficiente. Cuando un vehiculo enciende, el voltaje de la bateria no debe bajar por debajo de 9.5 voltios ya que el computador del motor necesita minimo ese valor para comandar los inyectores para que pueda encender el vehiculo, asi como la bomba de gasolina,
Adicional, si el voltaje que el alternador manda esta por debajo de 9 voltios, buena parte de los sensores van a malfuncionar ya que no reciben el voltaje adecuado para hacerlo. De alli que puedas tener luces indicadoras en el tablero como la EPC (Electronic Control Power o Control de Potencia Electrónico) que puede estar realcionada al pedal del acelerador o al sensor de posición de chapaleta o mariposa del Cuerpo de Aceleracion. Si estos no emiten una señal adecuada, el vehiculo no acelera y pierde potencia.
Disculpa lo largo de mi comentario, pero considero que no atacaron o han atacado la raiz de la falla de fondo.
Deseo, para cuando leas mi comentario, hayas resuelto los desafios.
Que estes bien y agradecido por compartir.

Muchas gracias, por tu comentario de hecho muy explícito, al momento de leerlo ya el problema se soluciono, quizá es como dices,me sentí realmente frustrada, con toda la situación . Afortunadamente ya realice un viaje de 8 horas y todo salió muy bien. Espero no vivir esta situación nunca más.