HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Sponsor Feedback and Feedback Request

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The World Cup has now been over for a few days. Since then, we have published the official results of our contest and the list of all the prizes won by all the participants.

The prize pool which contained 7052 HIVE has now been distributed. At the time of writing, Ecency has also distributed its Ecency Points. The distribution of prizes from other sponsors is in progress.

Before definitively closing the chapter of the HiveBuzz World Cup Contest, we invite you to take a last look back with our sponsors... and with you!

Feedback from our sponsors


This World Cup was insane, full of surprises and reversals. I must admit that making correct bets under these conditions was not easy. Either way, it just made it more fun.

I particularly liked the cordial atmosphere between the participants and the many feedbacks from those who let us know that the World Cup had taken on another dimension for them thanks to this competition.

The entire HiveBuzz team has been mobilized for almost two months to organize and animate this contest. Kudos to all of them. They are delighted with the positive feedback we have received from the participants.


We loved being a part of this event and cannot wait to continue our partnerships with various hive dapps. Keep up the great work!


I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the HiveBuzz World Cup Contest, it was great to see so many people getting involved :) Congratulations to the winners!


Congratulations on the success of the World Cup contest! Your creativity and hard work in designing and developing the game were evident in every aspect of the competition. I loved seeing the growing number of votes on every game and the stiff competition for the top spots. It was an honor to sponsor this here on Hive.


As a US native I never really had the "soccer" bug. After moving to South America and spending a lot of time in Brazil and Argentina I've grown to appreciate the football culture of this part of the world.
Sponsoring this contest actually got me involved in ways that I haven't even considered, and when the "home team" won I felt even more elated... fireworks instantly filled my neighborhood and the throngs of Porteños covering Av 9 de Julio near Obelisco brought a tear to my eye as I understood for the first time what a "world" cup really meant.


The Fifa 2022 WorldCup was great and weird at the same time.

Football (soccer!) in wintertime, where we normally are watching these games in July at the height of summer, it took a bit to get into the mood. This edition due to personal reasons (building a house!) didn't get to watch that many games…

Obviously I was rooting for my fellow countrymen and was a bit disappointed to see the dutch team being taken out by what happened to become the 2022 cup winners in the end :slightly_smiling_face:

I did watch yesterday's final and the ending of the 90 minutes actually felt the same as the ARG-NED quarter-finals. It was an epic match and wonderful to see Argentina become the world champions!

Thanks Hivebuzz for the games and sponsorship opportunity! See you in 2024?


An amazing world cup just ended. Sad that France didn't get its third star but it was an epic finale, and Messi finally got his world cup!
It was fun following the events on Hive through the HiveBuzz challenge.
Congrats to the winners!


Great contest with clear and easy instructions on how to enter! It helped keep us aware of the upcoming matches so that we didn't miss the ones we were most interested in. It was fun to see the enthusiasm that the contest generated. Ecency team looking forward to the next one with everyone.


We loved to sponsor this event. It's amazing to see so many participants bonding together over football on Hive. Goes to show how amazing the hive community is. Congratulations to the winners and keep up the good work @hivebuzz team!


This contest goes to show just how amazing the Hive community really is with people and sponsors from all over the World coming together to participate. Congratulations to the winners, the team at Infernal Coliseum is delighted to have contributed to hopefully make this event a little more fun for all. Merry Christmas


The event has been most exciting, it was very impressive to see so many happy fans going for those badges and the world cup did not disappoint.. we almost lost half of the HK staff to cardiac arrest watching the final.

Thank you kings for participating and thanks to @arcange for being a great host.

We have not yet received feedback from other sponsors. We'll update this post as soon as they let us know.

Request for feedback

Thanks again and congratulations to all those, participants and sponsors, who made this initiative a success.

We have done our best to make this contest as easy and fun as possible. We learned a lot during this one.

We would also like to have feedback from participants, in particular your suggestions on how we could improve the realization of similar competitions or the next edition of the world cup.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your ideas with us. We will choose the best 3 suggestions and reward them with 20 HIVE.

Support our proposal

We hope you had fun and that you enjoyed this contest and its organization. We need your help to be able to continue to organize similar activities. If you haven't already, please support our Proposal Renewal #248.

Thank you!


Thank you to all you sponsors. I. And mention you all. You guys literally made someone's Christmas.

This is what hive is about.

Also thank you ma'am @melinda010100
I saw 😌

Thank you for your feedback @stevenson7 🤗

You did well! Congrats on all your prizes. 🎉

Thank you to all the sponsors, @hivebuzz for being a sponsor as well as organizing a fantastic contest💖

Thank you @lizelle 🤗

Thanks 🙂

Thanks you HiveBuzz team and sponsors for the great event that got Hive buzzing during the world cup.

I think you guys did an excellent job and can't think how it could have been done better. Well done!!!

Thank you for your feedback @mypathtofire

It really was a well-organized contest! Big thanks to the sponsors and everyone who made it work. Glad to take part in something like this!

Thank you for your feedback @brando28

De mi parte genial, la verdad los felicito, estuvo todo muy organizado, y divertido, espero con ansia otro concurso como este, seria bueno para competiciones como la liga de campeones, incluso en alguna otra competición, la verdad yo quede sumamente satisfecho y contento a pesar de que no quede entre los primeros lo disfrute como nunca y se compartió bastante, nuevamente los felicito.

Gracias por tu comentario @ancnoticias 🤗

Congratulation to us all and a very big thanks to the league of sponsors. Looking for opportunities like this. I love useful challenges

Thank you for your feedback @sammyhive

It really was a a great event, it was engaging and created some social converstations in real life. My rank was way low, yet, I was eager to go vote for my predictions and compare it with friends. The ranking page was great, it was easy to find out how many medals we got (instead of counting them manually). It is to suggest anything for a winning reciepe, the only thing I can think of would of been a way to get an extra medal for not only getting a good prediction, but for getting the exact score as well (something that would not have been easy to get, adds a little scarcity). Come to think of it, maybe some trophies under an NFT format from NTFShowroom could get created for an upcoming event (NFTShowroom could use the event to engage some artists in their community under a form of contest), creating some hype at different levels. It was really fun, thanks for doing stuff like that :-)

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion @pegarissimo
We will see if we can implement it without adding too much complexity to our betting process.

Amazing contest. Well done. It kept me gripped on every game in the world cup. Thanks a million. More of these would be great for Hive.

Thank you for your feedback @blanchy

Thank you to all sponsors. It was a great contest!
Maybe in the elimination rounds, we can have more choices.
-Win Team A (90 min)
-Win Team B (90 min)
-Win Team A (120 min)
-Win Team B (120 min)
-Win Team A (Penalties)
-Win Team B (penalties)

Thank you for your feedback @desro
Adding more options would make it more complex. We believe most people liked it because it was simple to bet, even if not football fans or experts.
Anyway, we will keep your idea in our suggestion box.

What about making this a bit more often this kind of contests. Like we can do it for Champions League or/and Euro 2024 maybe?

Thank you so much for your work btw! It was super fun and exciting contest for me. Actually best contest ever I had joined in Hive.

Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions @incublus.
We are indeed thinking of making a similar competition for other events such as the Champions League or Euro 2024.
No promises tho as those events are more restricted in terms of their audience (geographically speaking)

Yes, you are right about that, but I think a lot of people follow the Champions League and Euro 2024. I don't know if they are followed as much as the World Cup, maybe if you try we can find out 😂.

Maybe later rounds could weigh more so that the contest remains more exciting till the end.

Good idea. We will do a few simulations with our existing data to check the effect of such changes.
Thank you for your feedback @orionvk

It would be very interesting and challenging to predict the winners and the goals in a complete initial format, where our predictions of the entire World Cup are reflected before the World Cup begins and in the end the one who has predicted the greatest successes wins...


Thank you for your feedback @jorgebgt
Although it would indeed be more challenging to predict everything before the start of the World Cup, we prefer the current version which allows us to maintain everyone's commitment over time.
It also allows new entrants to join the contest along the way, even if their chances of ranking higher in the leaderboard are diminished.

You're right, it's perfect like that!!!
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎅

An additional bonus to the challenge would also be to predict the goals and the final result of the match, win everything if you predict the result and the winner; you win less if you predict only the winner...

Great contest...

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion @bntcamelo. We will add it to our ideas box.

Thank you to all the sponsors, I would like them to have contests aimed at Formula 1 world championships, baseball, and Olympic games.

Thank you for all you have done, you have made it great.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions @yisusth

Thank you to all the sponsors, @hivebuzz

This is the best FIFA experience so far for me since I first witnessed it way back in 2010 when Spain lifted their first cup. I was rooting for several teams to win including the underdogs of Asia, Brazil, Portugal, and France for their b2b championships with Mbappe. But at the last minute prior to the finals, I changed my support to Messi. I just want the man to have his first cup. The last time he had his chance was against Germany. It was heartbreaking to see Messi lose that chance. Even if my favorite is France with their GOAT potential Mbappe, I'm happy to see Argentina win.

Thank you to all the sponsors of this contest and @hivebuzz for organizing the event. I just registered my 1Hive token and turned it into 12, plus different tokens in return from several tribes in Hive. I love how you to turned this world cup into the most exciting one. I would like to see more of these contests. It creates organic activities in the blockchain as effects on real-world events like sports.

Would like to see this in UEFA Champions League and the Nations League. Also for the FIFA qualifying series of participating continents: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Furthermore, there should still be a Tie or Extra time choice for games at play-offs. This will provide a lesser percentage for every participants/bettors to win a match. So far, I'm okay with the mechanics of the contest.

Thank you for your feedback and many suggestions @themanualbot

Thank you very much, most fun we've all had here in a while and prizes were a bonus. It couldn't have gone better and I really can't think of a way you could have improved things.

Thanks again and happy holidays to your team and their loved ones :-)

Thank you for your feedback @nathen007 🤗

Muchisimas gracias.

Many thanks to @hivebuzz and the other sponsors. The contest added excitement to the community. Merry christmas and a happy new year!!

Thank you for your feedback @momogrow
Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎅

i want to thank all sponsors. it is not easy to sponsor a project.

It was a fun contest and probably one of the easiest event to bring people together. Judging by the participants, it was definitely a successful contest.

In terms of suggestions, once we get to the last 16 you pretty much know your chances of winning, and it's a battle between a handful only.

In addition to the current form,perhaps you can add different contests, like

  • have a winner at the end of the first stage from 32 to 16
  • reset the contest from last 16 and have another winner
  • guess the final 4 or 8 before the first match
  • winner for the longest correct streak

Thank you for your feedback and for all these great suggestions @livinguktaiwan. They should indeed add spice to the competition.
We indeed noticed a small drop in the number of participants at the end of the contest, perhaps because they focused on the fact that they would probably no longer reach the top of the ranking, while each badge won also increased their rewards at the end of the competition.

The one recommendation I have for future contests is to receive some sort of notification when the latest post is ready to be voted upon. Luckily for me, I didn't miss any of the days because I check my feed religiously. I do know of some other people who forgot to vote on some of the matches.

Perhaps some sort of mailing list could be created. Maybe a Discord notification. Another option is to tag all of the people that voted in the last post to remind them to vote again. That last one might get annoying to some, but it would help others who are forgetful. It is not fool proof though, because if somebody misses the very first post they will never get tagged for the reminder.

Thank you for your feedback @daltono

to receive some sort of notification when the latest post is ready to be voted upon

Good suggestion. Although Hive doesn't have a "universal" notification system, we already have some idea of how we could do it.

I had HiveBuzz as a 'favorite' and received an Ecency notification each time they posted. I can't imagine keeping up on what's happening on Hive without Ecency!

That's excellent. I use Ecency for mobile notifications but did not know you only had to favorite the user to be notified about their posts. So is it anybody that I favorite then the app will notify me automatically? Or do you have to manually setup the notification?

Engage from @arcange is also a useful tool to stay up to date with the activity of people in your network.

Hi @daltono. I used friday bot for hive notifications. It is a discord bot creating my deathwing and rishi.

Thanks Hivebuzz for organising this amazing event. It was great fun tracking my pretty average betting against some other members. I wonder if the purpose of having the betting open only for 24 hours prior to the match is to get people to keep checking daily or is it a system requirement.

I think having the option of being able to bet on say all the 1st match of all the the groups available at the same time would help some people who might not remember to come online or forget to check the Hivebuzz's post.

Thank you for your feedback @boboman

The 24 hours window for betting is not a system requirement. We just want the participants to stay committed 😅

Greetings @hivebuzz. Do you know what happened with the delivery of the SPORTS tokens?

We tried to contact the token manager several times since the end of our contest but didn't get any reaction from him :(
^ @sportstalksocial

I am very pleased with your response. Hopefully they will respond, token level and related to the contest, it is one of the important prizes. I remain attentive to any news.

It's been done now. Chuck your Hive-Engine tokens

It's been done now. Check your Hive-Engine tokens

thank you very much