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The HiveBuzz World Cup Contest (WCC) is a huge success with several hundred daily participants!

For those who want to join the contest, remember that you can enter it at any time of the competition. You can Read the rules in the announcement post.

Do you want to know how much you scored?

As the competition progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for everyone to know how many badges they have won. Although we regularly publish the ranking after each day of the competition, it is limited to the top 25 players and many of you asked us about their position in the ranking.

Check the new dedicated HiveBuzz WCC Ranking page

We created a new page on the HiveBuzz website. This page will display an always up-to-date and easy-to-use ranking.

The ranking will be updated after each match.

Please, give us some time to make these updates!

  • We are not 24x7 in front of a computer.
  • We are humans and the update process is initiated manually.
  • We also watch matches and sometimes celebrate the victory of the countries we support.

Therefore, needless to write comments asking why the ranking has not been updated and why you did not receive your badge.

To display the ranking, you can click on the button we added to our website toolbar:

The Ranking is also available at

Thanks for your feedback

Thanks to all participants who wrote positive feedback about this contest. This is very encouraging for us to continue our huge daily work to keep you entertained.

Thank you to our generous sponsors

Consider supporting their witness or projects if you have not done so yet!

Hivebuzz is a project created by @arcange


!WEED for al the winners

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You guys are doing a great job keeping us entertained, thank you very much. I think we can be patient for any slight delay you might have updating the rankings.

Thank you @funshee ❤️

Thank you so much for adding to the excitement of the world cup, it's been great fun predicting but will get harder😉
Appreciate the hard work in keeping us entertained 🤩

Thank you, we are glad you enjoy it. Thank you for the top you send to us. ❤️

Well done @hivebuzz! You successfully guessed the match result and unlocked your badge!
Click on the badge to see your board.

Thank you to our sponsors. Please consider supporting them.

Hi, thanks for the fun.

I have not been assigned the Spain badge, with that one I got 6 hits.

And I'm always one of the first people to vote. Please check back, thank you. @hivebuzz

It's been fixed.

I'm sorry but have to react. Just like many others I'm missing Spain badge. I should have 6, not 5 badges.
Checked again particular post and indeed I clicked on Spain winning.

Much regards.

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It's been fixed.

6/12 vamos bien

I wondered, but I imagine that not everything is automated and don't bother!

Good for this contest!!

More than excellent! 🚀

Keep up the good work, the engagement is amazing! Cheers! !BEER

Good job on the event and the ranking page! 🌻 The page now shows the number of badges for each user. There's just a tiny bug in that the users with the same number of badges are sorted alphabetically instead of taking into account the time of their vote. ⚽️

We fixed the sorting of the ranking. Thank you for notifying us @mirafun

Wow. Great scorecard for everyone. Good development

Awesome work, and thank you for this initiative, having a ton of fun.

Thank you very much for all your effort and time dedicated to this contest. It's a fever to see our badges turn some color when we win, and it's worrisome when nothing happens.

But most importantly, you have made this Qatar 2022 World Cup so much fun!

Thank you so much @hivebuzz ☺️🎉 Greetings! 🤗

  • We also watch matches and sometimes celebrate the victory of the countries we support.
    hehehe 💚

Thanks for the link. We now have a fast way to monitor our performance. Love this game!!

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The A-gull and B-gull weren't quite right.

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@hivebuzz, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @ianballantine

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Love the fact that you're humans 😁

And that you're watching the marches! It's the World Cup! 💥

Enjoy 💗😘

We Do. Thank you @nickydee

Hats off to You guys for being so fast with updates and all of details etc.

I love this initiative. It's very fun and I started to watch almost all matches jajajaja


@loonatic passed you the virtual joint!
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¡Felicidades! La están rompiendo con este concurso. Estamos muy animados.

Vaya vaya, que inmensa la intensidad de personas con la pasión al futbol. Espero pronto ver mi ranking la verdad que apenas empiezo pero ya estoy al tanto. Salduos!!

Hello,I was checking the ranking and I don't appear. I met the submission requirement and received a message telling me that I am participating. I have 6 wins and I do not go out. can you help me. I hope You can check it. Thank you @hivebuzz

Although you are registered for the contest, we do not see any valid bet.
The problem comes from the fact that you wrote a comment with your prediction rather than upvoting one of our comments. These are not valid bets.
We invite you to carefully read the contest rules again.

Ok thank You to clear @hivebuzz

Keep up the great work guys 👍

Thank you

You're welcome @ace108!

Its Perfect Blog

This is not easy ooo. keeping of records and dropping them at the right time is something extraordinary. Thanks for this update