HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of Day 11

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Here are the results after eleven days of competition

Guess what, all matches today went as expected by our punters. No surprises. Incredible isn't it?
Nah, we're kidding...

The first two matches of the day went exactly the opposite of predictions with Australia and Tunisia winning against respective favorites Denmark and France. Congratulations to @edwing357 and @irisworld for being the only two to bet on a victory for Tunisia!

Fortunately, the two matches following them went as expected. Victory of Argentina against Poland and of Mexico against Saudi Arabia, otherwise we could have claimed a day of pure madness.


We now have 525 registered participants who will share the 7046 HIVE from the prize pool.

If you want to join and participate, please read the announcement and the contest rules here before making your bet!


TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Qatar vs Ecuador3096162186Ecuador
England vs Iran35234642England
Senegal vs Netherlands371521345Netherlands
USA vs Wales38518210796-
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia39739502Saudi Arabia
Denmark vs Tunisia397375193-
Mexico vs Poland40517385147-
France vs Australia405385614France
Morocco vs Croatia4021843341-
Germany vs Japan4043662018Japan
Spain vs Costa Rica4113752313Spain
Belgium vs Canada3873442122Belgium
Switzerland vs Cameroon39920610093Switzerland
Uruguay vs Korea Republic4203146244-
Portugal vs Ghana4173712620Portugal
Brazil vs Serbia415385723Brazil
Wales vs Iran4123097924Iran
Qatar vs Senegal4235049324Senegal
Netherlands vs Ecuador4133244841-
England vs USA4243792223-
Tunisia vs Australia398131151116Australia
Poland vs Saudi Arabia41124110466Poland
France vs Denmark4113642522France
Argentina vs Mexico4213513634Argentina
Japan vs Costa Rica4043652712Costa Rica
Belgium vs Morocco414365418Morocco
Croatia vs Canada4183036253Croatia
Spain vs Germany40923665108-
Cameroon vs Serbia3919670225-
Korea Republic vs Ghana397177101119Ghana
Brazil vs Switzerland412389176Brazil
Portugal vs Uruguay4202859738Portugal
Netherlands vs Qatar4143931011Netherlands
Ecuador vs Senegal41824011662Senegal
Iran vs USA4219077254USA
Wales vs England4211217392England
Australia vs Denmark4114763301Australia
Tunisia vs France418215401Tunisia
Poland vs Argentina4182637355Argentina
Saudi Arabia vs Mexico4168565266Mexico

Contest distribution and ranking

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Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:


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Little change at the top of the ranking except that the first 4, @onlyhive, @goliathus, @andyblack and @soluce07, have exactly the same number of badges. Only their speed of voting decides between them.

Behind them, there are a good fifty who are only a few badges apart. They will have to be vigilant over the next few days.

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France 🤡🥹🤪🥱🤫🤔😱🫣😵‍💫😵🙈

True, something like that...

Hehe I really enjoying or maybe we all enjoying this competition 😂
I am not talking about win big or small, only talking about FUN

Thanks for initiating this contest 😁

Best comment of the day. This is a pleasure to read because this is the goal of our initiative. Thank you @shrazi ❤️

And you (team) hit that goal already 😍

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HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of Day 11
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Hive Power Up Day - December 1st 2022

Top 25 yeAh !!!!! ⚽🥳💪✌🌏🌍🌎😝
!WEED 4 all


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HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of Day 11
Be ready for the last Hive Power Up Month of the year!
Hive Power Up Day - December 1st 2022

@hivebuzz Llevo esperando 2 días mi placa de estados unidos y no me la dan😪 adjunto pruebas:


Votaste 5 veces con diferentes poderes para el resultado de este partido. Desafortunadamente, esto invalida la apuesta.

Había votado por Irán y luego cambie el voto pero desde peakd no se puede quitar el voto así que puse 0% y 100% al otro equipo, pero entiendo🤗

Wow, I'm in the top 25.
I never think about it :)


A big congratulations to all the winners.

Ok. Only 2 games I need to gamble properly. I'm almost there. Mind it guys!🤣🤣

Good luck @kpreddy 🍀⚽

Thanks 🙏🙏

O wow
I Am in top 10

Am not really a football fan but loves playing at my leisure. But base on this report, you have motivated my football spirit. I will like to watch this week's match .

We are happy to read that we have converted you a little bit to football. Have fun this week.

Thanks. It's a pleasure. The information is lovely. I enjoyed it.

You're welcome @marajah
BTW, support us and vote for our witness.
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Felicidades @edwing357 Nunca imagine que Túnez ganaría 🤣

Jajaja use mi visión cuántica 🧙🏻‍♂️

We didn't think so either. It was the biggest surprise of the day and a well-deserved victory. We rejoice for all Tunisians.

La pression augmente au fil des matches.😀Toujours le dernier des premiers !

Il va falloir améliorer cela!

Jajaja gracias gracias 😎

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HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of Day 11
Be ready for the last Hive Power Up Month of the year!
Hive Power Up Day - December 1st 2022