HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

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Time to discover the official result of our contest

This World Cup has been absolutely amazing and we hope you enjoyed this contest as we did.

It's time for all of you to discover with us the official results. So let's start with a few numbers about the contest.

1. Participants and badges

There were 531 registered users. This is absolutely amazing as the contest was announced only a few hours before the beginning of the championship.

Out of them, 506 successfully guessed at least 1 match result.
These 506 users made 25902 bets, of which 25713 were valid bets.
Out of these valid bets, 12968 badges were assigned for successfully guessing a match result.

Among them, the 3 winners of this contest collected 123 badges on their own.
This means that the other 503 players received 12845 badges.

2. Prize pool

The amount collected by @steemitboardpool was

  • 6518 HIVE from the sponsors
  • 534 HIVE from registrations

Therefore, the final prize pool before distribution is 7052 HIVE and can be checked here.
NOTE: We will use "floor 3rd decimal rounding" for any reward computation since we can not distribute more than we have.

Breaking the ties

As you have seen, this World Cup has been full of twists and turns. On several occasions, the classification was turned upside down, especially during the group stage, due to the unexpected results of some matches.

This had the effect of creating a crowd at the top of the leaderboard with several participants having the same number of badges. Remember the rules we had in place to handle this kind of situation:

In the event of a tie between the top players, the winner will be the one who first collected all his badges. This means that badges obtained during the group stage will weigh more than those in the final.


If there is still a tie after applying the previous rule, the guess time (upvote) of the players will decide, the winner being the first to have made their guess (upvote).

The purpose of this last rule is to give an advantage to the one who takes the most risk by betting before the others since he cannot be inspired by the bet of his competitors.

However, many participants found themselves in such a tied situation, even outside the top 3. Until now, our ranking took into account the speed of bettors only for their last bet.

After long discussions within the HiveBuzz team, it appeared to us that this way of proceeding was unfair because an opportunist could thus win the jackpot by simply being the fastest only on his bet in the final.

We have therefore re-analyzed all the bets by adding the time (in seconds) between the opening of bets and everyone's bet so as to reward those who have been the fastest throughout the competition.

We told you, this world cup will have been full of twists and turns until the very last minute! Hang on, because this upsets the provisional results that we announced in our previous post.

The winners

The first three places in the ranking are occupied by participants who have the same number of badges. Therefore, we had to decide between them by means of their betting speed.

Gold medal - Rank 1

The World Champion of the HiveBuzz World Cup Contest, with 41 badges, is


In addition to being regularly in pole position, he was on average twice as fast as his opponents to make his bets, which makes him the undisputed winner of this contest.

Congratulations @onlyhive, you get 20% of the prize pool: 1410.400 HIVE!

Silver medal - Rank 2

The second winner of the contest, with 41 badges, is


He was also a regular at the top of the rankings throughout the contest and therefore took a well-deserved second place.

Congratulations @andyblack, you get 10% of the prize pool: 705.200 HIVE!

Bronze medal - Rank 3

The third place goes, with 41 badges, goes to


Last but not least in the top 3, he appeared there a little later than the others but managed to keep his distance from his pursuers thanks to judicious bets.

Congratulations @soluce07, you get 5% of the prize pool: 352.600 HIVE!

Contest final top 25 ranking

RankNameBadgesBet Speed
1 @onlyhive41206544
2 @andyblack41412977
3 @soluce0741455070
4 @viniciotricolor40228510
5 @jats-040674361
6 @mk992039401785780
7 @lazybug391322184
8 @stewie.wieno391405941
9 @sodom-lv391827159
10 @arc7icwolf38172176
11 @vasilev8938174321
12 @mcoinz7938289374
13 @speedtuning38698652
14 @bonobogologolo38738015
15 @javierariascbb38793554
16 @goliathus38810651
17 @flquin38915900
18 @cajiro38918819
19 @bigbanginfinity381076787
20 @thedoc07381408173
21 @azj26381438377
22 @incublus37278733
23 @lammbock37281259
24 @bombus37312687
25 @tobywalter37707640

If you are not listed above, you can check the Ranking Page to find out how you performed at the end of the contest. The ranking page has been updated with the calculation formula based on betting speed which is now displayed on it.

Prize pool distribution among other players

As mentioned above, there were 12845 badges collected by all players but the 3 winners.
The remaining prize pool is 7052 - 1410.4 - 705.2 - 352.6 = 4582 HIVE

Therefore, each collected badge has a value of 4582 / 12845 = 0.356 HIVE

Here is the complete detail of the rewards for each player based on the number of badges they own:


Rewards will be distributed in 24 hours, which should allow those who would like to challenge these results (errare humanum est) to come forward.

Thanks again to our sponsors

In order not to bloat this post, we will publish in a separate post the prizes obtained by the participants from our sponsors. For some of them, we are still waiting for their personal feedback about our contest to share with you.

Thank you to all participants!

Congratulations to all the players, and to the winners. Thank you all for your participation in this contest!

It has been a fun (and exhausting) month-long experience and we are boosted by the many positive feedbacks we have received to initiate similar ones without having to wait for the next World Cup.

Hivebuzz is a project created by @arcange

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Wow, it's good to see that I'm on top 25. I tried to be at top 3 and make my bets really fast but there was many surprise in this cup like Japan and Saudi Arabia.

You did awesome bro! I only got 33 badges and I watched every single match.

Thank you so much man! You also did an awesome job. I didn't watch the grup stages.

Congrats on your ranking @incublus

This contest was so much fun and I can honestly say that something like this is the only way that I will ever be involved with sports betting. I would love for there to be a Hive application that functions similar to this but includes more sports events than just the World Cup.

Congrats to the winners!

Thank you @daltono. Glad to read you enjoyed our contest and that it helped you to appreciate the World Cup.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @sacra97 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Many thanks @hivebuzz and everyone who made this event possible. I really enjoyed it very much. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants in general. I just got lucky.

tough luck you had there. Congratulations! ;)

Congratulation on your ranking @onlyhive. Glad you enjoyed our contest.

Thank you very much for this amazing contest and reward! 🤗 I had a great time participating. Congratulations to the winners! 😊

Glad to read you enjoyed our contest @jelenaa 🤗

Congrats to the winners. It was worth taking part and collecting Badges was Fun.

More appreciation on your way as you manage things so Nicely. Looking forward to see more interesting events happening in future.

Thank you for your feedback @idksamad78699 ❤️

It was really fun and I appreciate everything part of it and thanks to hivebuzz for org

Thank you @emeka4 🤗

Congratulations to @onlyhive, @andyblack & @soluce07, you did so well!
What a world cup and what a contest, you made it so exciting, thank you @hivebuzz for an amazing contest!
I felt just as dejected as the losing team each time I picked the wrong side😅
I agree with @daltono about having more contests like this for other big sporting events, you have us hooked!

It is a lot of preparation and works to organize and animate such an event 😅
But, given the success and the many positive comments received, we will probably do more.
Thank you @lizelle!

What a contest! I enjoyed each bet. Congratulations all of you. I hope enroll in future contest.

Glad to read you enjoyed our contest @rfuentes

Congratulations all.
Was very fun contest.
Cheers 🥂

I never believe i could made it this far to 25 was not an easy task but at the end am a champion 🏆🥇🥇🏆🥇 wao what a beautiful initiative hope to see more of this maybe with the premier league champions league and others @hivebuzz

Congratulation on your ranking @tobywalter
Thank you for your positive feedback too.

Well done HiveBuzz team! You have managed this project very well, and I congratulate you for your efforts. My initial 1 Hive investment has now been converted into 12 Hive, and I thank you for that and the fun we had during this awesome event. May you have a very merry festive season and enjoy what time off you get with you loved ones - Ian.

Thank you for your feedback @ianballantine 😊
Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎅

thanks for hosting such a event; I had fun.

Thank you @circlebubble. Glad to read you enjoyed our contest.

This contest created some beautiful and exciting moments for us on hive, thank you very much @hivebuzz and to all our generous sponsors for making this happen.

Lastly congrats To the top 3 winners and everyone who participated in this contest.

Glad to read you enjoyed our contest @funshee. Thank you for your feedback.

This was very entertaining. The first time I fully participated and enjoyed it. There was something on the previous WC, but not like this. Congrats to the organizers, sponsors, and participants! Well done to the winners!

Glad to read you enjoyed our contest @gadrian

Thank you for the awesome contest, it was a ton of fun 🤗😁

Thank you @grindan ❤️

Congratulations to the winners! This World Cup was definitely full of surprises. Great job you have done and thank you for bringing this to Hive.

Thank you for your feedback @elizabeths14 🌹

Oh, increíble, totalmente agradecido con todos ustedes por su empeño de realizar este tipo de concurso, ¡Me divertí mucho! muchas gracias, logre recolectar 34 insignias.

¡Felicidades a todos! :D

Nos alegra leer que disfrutó de nuestro concurso @edgarafernandezp. Felicidades por tu clasificación.

Nothing that wasn't already said, but it was a very cool contest. Thanks a lot for setting up and the rewards of course!
Congrats to the winners!

Yeah, it was a lot of work. Glad you enjoyed our contest @manuvert

Congratulations to the winners here.
@hivebuzz has amazingly hosted something here for you all. We have celebrated in our own way.

We are all winners, and we should all be proud that the Qatar World Cup has been a success and has been peaceful for all of us.

This contest was as competitive and unpredictible as the World Cup, it was real fun to join and play with everyone, so big thanks to @hivebuzz for this contest.

And big congrats to @onlyhive, @andyblack and @soluce07 for finishing top 3 🥳🥳

Glad to read you enjoyed our contest @saif-ul-wahab

Congratulations to the winners and all participants. Really, it was a WorldCup full of surprises and some matches were really hard to predict. I finish in the top 60 with 35 badges, a great result!

Thanks to the whole HiveBuzz team, and thanks to everyone who participated in this fantastic contest :)

Congratulations on your ranking @ivanslait

Amazing contest!!
Congratulations to all the winners!!
Delighted to be in the top 25!!

Thank you @bombus. Congrats on your ranking 🎉

Excellent contest! 🎉🏆

Congrats to the winners and everyone taking part!

Thanks for the great prizes!!


Well done team.

Congratulations @onlyhive and @andyblack and @soluce07

Well done champs

Congrats all winners

congrats for the winner, and thanks for held this giveaway

Genial, felicitaciones a los ganadores 🎉🥳

Congratulations to the 3 winners and the others in this contest!

Congratulations @onlyhive

and thanks for this very good contest

Congratulations @onlyhive

and thanks for this very good contest

This was great!
Congrats to the top 3. Well done guys! :))

Thanks for the superb organization, this was a ton of fun! !BEER

Thank you @pardinus 😊

Hey @hivebuzz, here is a little bit of BEER from @pardinus for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Congrats to all the winners. It was a fantastic World cup and the contest was awesome.

Thank you for your feedback @th4488

Congratulations to us all. It's not easy but full of fun!

Thank you for your feedback @sammyhive. Fun was all we wanted you to have.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants! 🏆🥇🥈🥉

A pleasure to have been part of this initiative ⚽️

Thank you for participating in our contest @manuelgil64


Congratulations to all the winners! @hivebuzz

Congrats everyone! It was fun collecting some more badges. But I missed guessing some games else I would have been much better.

Yeah, this world cup was quite... "unpredictable" and many missed bets.
Glad to read you had fun @pravesh0

Congrats to all the winners. It was really a fun that you made this event, I really enjoyed it! Thanks!

Thank you @pegarissimo. Glad you enjoyed our contest.

Good afternoon @hivebuzz, I got 33 badges and now with the update 32 badges appear, please review @hivebuzz

Dear @joseal2020, we made the requested review.
The badge Qatar vs Ecuador has been wrongly assigned to you because of a flaw in our assignment script at the very beginning of the contest.
As mentioned in this post, we re-checked all the bets (upvotes), including yours, before publishing the official results.
The difference in the number of badges comes from the fact you registered for the contest after your bet for that first match.

You guys rana great contest and look forward to the next one. Rugby World Cup is next year.

Thank you @cryptoandcoffee.
It is a lot of preparation and works to organize and animate such an event.
But, given the success and the many positive comments received, we will probably do more.

Just wished we could have curated more posts but so few stuck to the rules of doing the 50/50 split. That is one area that can be improved on next time around making it more clear.

Yeah, we have been disappointed to see that people missed that opportunity. We indeed have to learn from it.

it was fun

Glad you had fun @viniciotricolor. Congrats on your ranking

The world cup was amazing, congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you @ijelady

Thank you

You're welcome. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎅

Thank you

Congratulations to the winners.

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Congratulations to the winner!!!!! Thanks @hivebuzz

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