Women's World Cup Contest - Recap of day 12

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Here are the results after the 12th day of the competition

Costa Rica faced Zambia in a thrilling match, with Zambia securing a confident 3-1 victory. Then, Japan dominated the match with an impressive 4-0 win against Spain. Ireland and Nigeria played to a goalless draw and in a sensational match, Australia clinched a stunning 4-0 victory against Canada. It was a fantastic day of football, and we can't wait for more matches in this Women's World Cup!

After some hiccups due to HiveSQL issues, we're back with our detailed contest results. As you will see, the many matches since our last post have shaken up the rankings. This Women's World Cup is interesting in many ways!


There are now 317 registered participants. New people join us every day and they are right to do so. Anyone can still join the contest.

Don't forget that, if you want to participate, you need to register for the contest by sending 1 HIVE to @hivebuzz.pool with the memo worldcup2023. This is a one-time registration and it will be added to the prize pool.

You can enter the competition at any time and the sooner you register and play the more chances you have of winning a bigger prize.


TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
New Zealand vs Norway2261914193New Zealand
Australia vs Ireland234206622Australia
Nigeria vs Canada2434221180-
Philippines vs Switzerland2482814206Switzerland
Spain vs Costa Rica247227713Spain
United States vs Vietnam250231712United States
Zambia vs Japan2511412225Japan
England vs Haiti26325247England
Denmark vs China2631823942Denmark
Sweden vs South Africa2632301716Sweden
Netherlands vs Portugal2531784134Netherlands
France vs Jamaica26325157-
Italy vs Argentina2781344995Italy
Germany vs Morocco28026749Germany
Brazil vs Panama27626844Brazil
Colombia vs South Korea2667660130Colombia
New Zealand vs Philippines27526438Philippines
Switzerland vs Norway2754752176-
Japan vs Costa Rica279257715Japan
Spain vs Zambia27527023Spain
Canada vs Ireland2662063228Canada
United States vs Netherlands2812133137-
Portugal vs Vietnam28527384Portugal
Australia vs Nigeria2801932067Nigeria
Argentina vs South Africa2852502213-
England vs Denmark2832461918England
China vs Haiti2832382718China
Sweden vs Italy2761584177Sweden
France vs Brazil2825942181France
Panama vs Jamaica2781029239Jamaica
South Korea vs Morocco2622281618Morocco
Norway vs Philippines2702291130Norway
Switzerland vs New Zealand2661904432-
Germany vs Colombia264237918Colombia
Costa Rica vs Zambia2511753244Zambia
Japan vs Spain2513522194Japan
Ireland vs Nigeria2583721200-
Canada vs Australia2548028146Australia

Contest ranking

We are slowly approaching halfway through the group stage of the competition. Here are some statistics and the current ranking of our contest.


Compared to the previous day's ranking, the top 3 has seen some significant changes! @dwixer and @ynwa.andree have risen to the top with 24 badges each, showcasing their predicting skills. Meanwhile, @arc7icwolf is a strong contender with 23 badges. The competition is fierce, and every correct prediction is crucial in this exciting contest.

Here are the top 25 players:

If your name is not in the above list and are curious to know where you stand, no worries! You can find the full ranking by visiting : https://hivebuzz.me/rankingwc

Congratulations to those who successfully predicted the results.

Thank you to our sponsors

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the prize pool currently contains 6000 HIVE

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Friends the match between Jamaica and Panama has an error in the results, you have Panama as the winner but it was Jamaica who won 1-0, just need to correct that and give the medals to the winners and remove the medals to those who supported Panama. Thank you for your good work.

They've done that of Zambia, I believe they'll correct the other too. It's a nice thing you noticed.

Yes, my friend, they will surely do it, anyway, we will keep an eye on the change.

Really? 🥴😆😆😆

Hahaha, yes 😎

It was just fixed, it seems. 😎

Yes, it was a mistake. It's been fixed.

Thanks a lot for the update. The team are indeed doing a great job. However, I noticed the badge for Zambia vs Costa Rica was not awarded to those who predicted it. On the post, you mentioned a draw for Zambia and Costa Rica, when it was a win. I hope you look into the issue.
Thank You so much. Regards.

Yes, it was a mistake. It's been fixed.

Then, Japan dominated the field with an impressive 4-0 win against Spain.

Actually Spain dominated the field but Japan dominated the result. 😳

One more proof that dominating possession is not everything, but Spain will die true to its style.

Fixed too 😉

I am missing a badge for the Jamaica - Costa Rica match, if you can check it please
Win Jamaica

It's been fixed. Check your board.

It is becoming interesting with some good teams even exiting the competition

Hello my friend! 😊

Just a quick question, why isn't my name showing in the rankings at all? I thought it was a complete list, but maybe I'm not the only one missing...or I'm doing something wrong when I search... Any idea what I might be doing wrong...I'd like to figure it out.

Hello @frostyamber. You do not appear in the ranking because you didn't perform the registration process for the contest.

Wait, what? I sent the Hive with the memo World cup 2023, 14 days ago, according to my wallet.

We checked your wallet and it looks like you used HBD instead of HIVE:

Therefore, your registration has not been recorded by our script.
Unfortunately, it would be quite hard to reprocess the entire contest to include your previous bets

Felicitaciones a los que van en la punta.

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No retreat, no surrender.

@hivebuzz, the game for tomorrow is not Japan and Spain.
They've played already