HiveBuzz Women's World Cup Contest - Recap of the Final

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Here are the results of the Women's World Cup Final

Today, we witnessed a thrilling final that had our hearts racing. It certainly lived up to the expectations of this Women's World Cup.

The match was just amazing, with Spain dominating in the first half and Egland doing their best to come back. Spain maintained their lead throughout the second half to earn a well-deserved 1-0 victory.

What an awesome and memorable Women's World Cup we had. It was a fantastic tournament, and our contest itself was no exception.

Without further ado, here are our contest results after this thrilling last day.


330 Hive users registered and participated in this contest and will share the 6343 HIVE that sit in the prize pool between them, according to the number of successful bets they made during the World Cup.

Matches - Knock-out phase

TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Switzerland vs Spain23737200Spain
Japan vs Norway23720730Japan
Netherlands vs South Africa26323726Netherlands
Sweden vs United States25973186Sweden
England vs Nigeria26422836England
Australia vs Denmark26621749Australia
Colombia vs Jamaica27223636Colombia
France vs Morocco26424618France
Spain vs Netherlands24118259Spain
Japan vs Sweden24720047Sweden
Australia vs France24951198Australia
England vs Colombia24319152England
Spain vs Sweden245142103Spain
Australia vs England25361192England
Sweden vs Australia21715364Sweden
Spain vs England22713889Spain

PS: You can check the results of all group stage matches in this post.

Contest distribution and ranking

We are progressing in this World Cup and the ranking is slowly becoming clearer among the participants.

Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:


And here are the top 25 players.

Check the full ranking at

Final result of our contest

We want to emphasize that the results shown above are provisional, although it is highly unlikely that they will change.

We will now carefully review all the bets placed during our competition to ensure fairness. Once these have been validated, we will announce the official final results and the prizes awarded to each participant. We expect to complete this process by tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

In the meantime, we will take a short break to recharge and recover from the intense excitement.

Stay tuned for the official results!

Thank you to our sponsors

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Hola matchy girl, @erikah! And congrats on your results 😀🙌🏻

Lol, you beat me to it 😂

Thanks and congrats to you too, you did well!

Just a bit faster! Thanks 😊👍🏻

Excellent world cup and very good tournament that made @hivebuzz I congratulate you, you should try to cover other events are very exciting, I had fun and gave excitement to each of the games, I had a lot of fun, thanks for making such great contest

Congratulations @dwixer and @josediccus

It's been a great moment.
As we await the result. Congratulations to everyone...

WOWOWOWOW Congratz to you toooooooooooooooooo

Thank You shrazi

Always welcome!

Congratulations my friends, excellent tournament

Thank You joseal. Your final decision paid off

Very true my friend

Great tipping

Thanks for the organisation of this contest and all the work you did! 🫶

@hivebuzz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ dailyspam. (6/10)

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Excellent contest, it should be repeated with the euro cup or other cups!

Thanks! It has been extremely fun :) congrats everyone!

As always it was fun participating! Congratulations to all the winners!

Congratulations! That was real fun. Til next year ⚽️ !PGM

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Thanks a ton for all the organization, it's been fun!

Thanks for the contest it's really fun and congratulations to everyone... Till next year again
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Felicidades a todos los que participaron. Estuvo divertido. Me encantan estas iniciativas de @arcange 🥰

Gracias por la mención @zullyscott

Finally we can comment, lol 😂

It was fun all the way.

It has always been possible to make comments, but not commenting to bet 😉

Yeah I know.😂

Thank you a lot, to you are your great team, working behind the scenes for the success of this contest.

It was super fun participating

It surely has been exciting and fun! 😉😎
Thanks for all @hivebuzz team, time to recharge…

Was very fun again. I missed lot of votes but achieve 13 badges. Awesome!!

Congratulations @dwixer 🏆

Thank you in anticipation of the final result

Congratulations. Felicitaciones un gran seguimiento al deporte.

Thanks Hivebuzz for initiated this contest/challenge
I really enjoyed it
And I didn't even miss one match to predict here 😂

Congratz to all of us here

Thanks for hosting the event, I've had fun with it 😍❤️

Excellent world cup! I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone that make this contest successful.
All thanks to you for supporting this contest. You made this world cup exciting.
I believe if there was no gift attached to the contest, many participants wouldn't have participate. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the mention @hive-world.

Fantastic competition, I really enjoyed it. Hearty Congratulations to @dwixer @josediccus and @joseal2020 👏👏👏

Thank You. Greatly appreciated

Serious going man. You must have only gotten a handful of results wrong

Yeah, something of that nature

Thanks you my friend

Congratulations to everyone, a great contest and very competitive.

Congratulation to everyone. It’s really a great one

Many congratulations to the winners. I really enjoyed participating in the contest. From the beginning my son predicted that the champions would be the Spanish.

Thank you for your feedback @jomancub. Great to hear your son has a knack for predictions.