Splinterlands - Be Smart About Buying Cards

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The prices of Splinterland Chaos Legion cards have fallen to new lows. I believe this is a combination of the general sale and the drop in crypto prices overall.

Low Prices

On PeakMonsters, you can show a list of all the cards on the market by lowest price. There are a lot of cards on the market for less than $0.04 each. This makes it easy to snatch up a lot of them at once and level up these cards.

Prices are very low.PNG


To use leveled up cards, you will need leveled up summoners. The summoner card prices have also fallen. Some are below $3 each, a steal compared to the prices a few weeks ago. If you are trying to win more matches, you will need to have leveled up summoners to be more competitive.

Chaos Legion Summoners.PNG

Limited Budget

I am on a limited budget and must save up before I am able to purchase cards. When you have a large list of cards that you need and limited funds, how do you determine which cards provide the best value for your funds. You could buy all the lowest priced cards or you could pick based on the collection power per cost.

Compare by Best CP to Cost ratio.PNG

Best CP/Cost Ratio

I discovered on the PeakMonsters buy menu when you click Compare and then use the menu above that appears when you click the Compare by: dropdown a list of the cards with the best Collection Power to Cost.

Peakmonsters Buy menu.PNG

Best CP/Cost Ratio Summoners

If you have the funds, Quix the Devious have the best collection power for the funds paid. I was not expecting the gold version of General Sloan to be the second best summoner with the highest collection power to cost ratio. It has dropped below $30 so very reasonable.

Best CP CL Summoners.PNG

Best CP/Cost Ratio Monsters

If you already have leveled up summoners and you need to have higher level monsters. There are now several of the Gold Foil cards priced at less than $1.00. Getting one or two of these and combining them would be a very effective means to increase the power of your card deck.

You should easily be able to get a few cards with collection power greater than 125 CP per $1 spent.

Chaos Legion Gold Foil cards.PNG

Best CP Gold.PNG

Pelacor Arbalest

Since I have a leveled up General Sloan, I needed additional Life Splinter cards that I use in my lineups. I found a Pelacor Arbalest for less that $4 with over 150 CP per $1 ratio so I purchased it this morning. The prices are rapidly changing so you should make your list of the cards used most often and check the CP ratios to determine if that is the best price for you.

You may find some great bargains and really increase the competitiveness of your card deck. Good Luck in your hunting.

Pelacor Arbalest.PNG

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Great to see you have gotten Pelacor Arbalest. I have found you need to protect the card if possible. Kelya(water) has several cards with opportunity which like to take out Pelacor Arbalest quickly.

Yes, I learned that is the case as well but with the extra abilities you get with the higher level it helps a little bit.


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Thanks. I appreciate you liking the post.

Thanks for the tag! @relf87

Excellent post. I am trying to find some useful value for the $40 I currently have left to spend. I also need to get a summoner or 2 to level 2 soon. Decisions-Decisions

You are welcome. I was told I need to get the summoners to level 2 before I level up monster since the monsters would play at level 1 otherwise. They also told me to focus on one splinter at a time. You are correct Decisions/Decisions. So many different ways to go. Good luck in your matches.

This is a nice discussion on the practical use of the Best CP/Cost ratio when building up collection!

Since you mentioned snatching up a lot of the $0.04 cards, you might also find PeakMonsters BULK feature helpful when doing that 😉. Here's a link to the guide about it in case you are interested: https://peakd.com/hive-126911/@peak-monsters/buying-multiple-bcx-cards-in-peakmonsters

Don't forget to use the #peakmonsters topic-tag for your PeakMonsters related posts, and share the PeakD link of your post to our discord under the #user-posts-peakmonsters channel. We often vote and even tip some of the best content!

I will use the tag in my next post about peakmonsters. Thanks for all the information. It is appreicated.

You're welcome! We're looking forward to seeing more of your posts :)

Sent you a HBD tip for your post!

Thank you very much. The support is appreciated.

Thank you for the comment and upvote. I was not aware of the Bulk buy feature. I will check it out.


That's exactly what I've been doing except I don't play the game at all I only buy gold foils haha

I both play and invest in the cards. When the prices rebound you will be in a very good place

do you have any suggestions on maybe what I should be focusing on aside from $1 gold foils?

If you can find some of the Epic or Legendary gold foils on sale, once we are over this little decline or when all the packs sale out, these will make you some money renting them out to players. Any of the Gold for certain rent out very well and hold their value better than most.

I haven't really been aiming for common cards that much but gold cards are always good. It's too bad the rental market is diving along with everything else right now.

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At these prices we can stock up on cards that will rent well later.

Yeah I just discovered peakdmonsters and will say it has changed my investment side of the game. This is some great info! Reblogging!

Yes there is so much information available at peakMonsters that everyone should be using it. Thanks for the comment.


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