New dCity Meta Part 2 - SimMillionaires and ENTRY shop

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Make sure to take a look at the previous post for a full picture of the new students and hacker mechanisms.

Since then, I have had a brilliant cover image made by @michupa so that all the dCity Cartel posts can be sufficiently branded. I'm a ruthless operator and am very happy to be a part of the CARTEL family. I think this image, including the wonderful mountains in the background, summarizes very well what we are doing in dCity - some sort of (digital) world domination!


One thing that is important to mention now, is the importance to get into the SimMillionaire's Club. This is where all the updates are being tried and tested, all you need to do is have 1 million SIM Power, which is a 30 day average of your SIM holdings, both in liquid and in the liquidity pool. This will bring many benefits, which I will discuss today.

Currently, @cartel-dcity only has 123k SP and 153k SIM on hand. I have some plans to boost this, but more on this in the next update.

Daily Student Claims

This is the most important part of the SimMillionaire's Club, in terms of profitablility. In the previous update I reviewed how tax rebates and students in general have become the new OP meta in dCity - now SIMmillionaires have an opportunity to claim an extra daily student through a new and unique mechanism in discord.


In the #borderline channel of the SimMillionaire's Club in the dCity discord, players can try their hand at claiming a student every 24 hours. The catch? It does a random building check, and if you don't have the building chosen at random, you don't get the student.

This adds in another level of gameplay, an incentive to hold at least one of each of the building cards from first, second and third edition, plus the combines. This was reported in the latest dcitygame update.

But the most recent update was just hinted at in that post, and that is the ENTRY SHOP.


Some of you may know about ENTRY, it is an additional token created by @gerber and tied to dCity, it is produced by Stadium cards and aumented by GAMER and PROGAMER cards.


Its important to note, not only do you need to be in the SimMillionaire's Club, you also must have a HACKER card, at least one, to buy on the ENTRY SHOP. This adds another use for the ENTRY token, up until now ENTRY was only used to enter specific dCity splinterlands tournaments.

Now ENTRY can be used to purchase CHAOS packs, HIVE PUNKS, Splinterlands cards as well as some ETH NFTs. This establishes an implicit price for ENTRY, which always has struggled with a HUGE spread in the market, one which is already starting to narrow, and will likely narrow further as more and more people realize this new development.


The ENTRY SHOP has some interesting mechanics, first of all, only up to 5 items are available at a time. This goes down as items are claimed, and only a 'reroll' can fill up the shop again. According to the information provided, rerolls happen every 24 hours, or can be triggered by sending 2000 sim to @dcityshop.

Once a reroll is engaged, either by time or by burning some SIM, prices for unsold items will automatically lower themselves by 1%. These prices will lower until they become too cheap not to buy!


There is a lot of new developments coming, and to stay abreast of what is happening and to offer your opinion, it is essential to be a part of the SIMmillionaire's Club.


There is so much being discussed in the new updates, information being disseminated and fleshed out, if you have any interest in this game it is basically essential that you become a SIMMillionaire today.

And it costs just over 500 HIVE - 250 USD!



The catch? It does a random building check, and if you don't have the building chosen at random, you don't get the student.

Haha okay, NOW I understand why it sometimes fails.

I thought I was just getting the times wrong.

Cheers ;)

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Excellent post. Thanks for writing this.


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with all these enhancements, no wonder the value of sim is going up! awesome!

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Very interesting changes I didn't even know about! Thanks

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Just need to find me a hacker then....!PIZZA

I didn't even realize this. I am wondering if that millionaire count is using the holding rewards SIM amount? I guess it's just extra benefits but I lack so many buildings that I don't think it's worth it.

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Yes it uses SP, which includes LP just like the holding rewards amount!

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