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The forces of Splinterlands are actively exploring Praetoria, the land expansion from the next phase of the NFT trading card game. Land plots have been bought, hodled, claimed and now finally surveyed. Land lords are prepairing their best monsters for becoming workers - the older their edition and higher their rarity and level, the better their production points. This makes maxed Alpha cards the first choice to board the ships and sail to Praetoria. But how many Alpha cards are there actually and how many Production Points will they have in total?

I have crunched the numbers and manually entered all Alpha set cards into a spreadsheet. In this post I present the potential maximum of maxed Alpha cards, as well as the total Alpha PP.

Keep in mind that there are still 6,171 unoped Alpha packs in circulation so the following numbers can grow slightly over time.


Alpha Commons

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170233.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP

Alpha Commons Gold

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170313.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP


Alpha Rares

Screenshot 2023-04-22 171056.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP

Alpha Rares Gold

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170417.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP


Alpha Epics

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170442.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP

Alpha Epics Gold

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170459.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP


Alpha Legendaries

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170521.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP

Alpha Legendaries Gold

Screenshot 2023-04-22 170538.png

Max Max CardsTotal BCXTotal Base PP

Total Alpha Cards & PP

Total Regular Alpha CardsTotal Regular Alpha PP
Total Gold Alpha CardsTotal Gold Alpha PP
Total Alpha CardsTotal Alpha PP

There can only be 2,312 land plots with 5 maxed Alpha workers each (in reality, there could be more land plots working with lower level monster workers). That means that only 1.54% of all land plots can ever have 5 maxed Alpha workers. This is pretty crazy and begs the question of how this will impact the Alpha cards in circulation when Land 1.5 starts.

It is possible that the vast majority of Alpha cards will sail to Praetoria and never return.

The total of 134,263,853 total Production Points from the Alpha set needs now the comparison to the other edition sets, to unveil its true significance.

But this is a story that shall be told another day.



You've got me hooked! Can't wait for the next installment. We've been studying the distributions of the magical essences.

Excellent field for research! According to the original announcement post, we will get six essences, one for each splinter. Magical plots will be incredibly important for crafting items and spells. We do know very little so far but the general prospect for magical plots is mind blowing. Pretty under-whelming in 1.5 though,as Secret reserach will give no immediate benefit. I suspect less than 10% of the total PP going into Secret research Preatoria-wide.

50% grain, 40% sps mining and 10% secret research?

Sounds like a probable distribution. We will always need more grain than we can put into SPS, unless the value of SPS grows drastically. I guess the ratio will depend on how valuable your PP are in SPS and Grain on the market. After the first month of 1.5 we will have a much better understanding. Until then I will farm a large surplus of grain.

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Interesting... subscribed.

Glad to see you here.

I wish I would have maxed out my Alpha back way back in the day. It still holds decently however. The Beta deck is maxed and there's nearly 2 or 3 of most cards from that pack. I have a feeling all of my beta cards are outa here once land comes into the fold and I'll have to battle with Untamed.

Excited to see what workable land starts to bring to the table.

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That Beta deck of yours will do nicely on land. I see you have tons of cards between 3000-7500 PP. They will make excellent workers.

That gold summoner card is AMAZING lol can't wait to get that big PP to work haha

Cool article. One error though. The possible 2312 plots worked by all maxed alpha cards is actually 1.54%, of the 150,000 total plots, not 0.31%. Looks like you divided the number by 5 again accidentally.