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Thetan Arena is a MOBA Esport Play To Earn and Free to Play blockchain game, and if you haven't heard of it I hope this will give you a scope of what Thetan Arena is.

Free to Play and Marketplace

Thetan Arena is F2P and you earn three Heroes for yourself when you create your account in the game. These heroes can be used to play matches and earn some tokens inside the game as you rank up.

The tokens you earn in game can be viewed inside the game or in the Marketplace page, where you need to link your wallet. After you do that, you'll see this pop out if you click on your profile picture.

Click on Wallet to see your in game tokens as well as outside of the game tokens.

You can also see the Marketplace where you can sell or buy Heroes, always remembering that the Free heroes that you gained when creating the account can not be sold.

As you can see, the heroes are quite expensive and you would never be able to play this game if it wasn't Free to Play to begin with it.

Play To Earn Mechanics

For anybody playing F2P like me, it's pretty straight forward, you have to rank up and as you win games you'll be earning rewards accordingly.

For people wanting to buy Heroes in the Market and wanting to invest a little into the game itself the rewards are the very same for ranking up, plus every match you gain an extra amount of gTCH. The number depends on the rarity of your hero, and as of today there are three rarities: Common, Epic and Legendary.

You can probably see more accurately those numbers in game, in your hero's page.

Understanding the Tokens

There are 2 tokens associated with Thetan Arena:

  • Thetan Coin (THC)
  • Thetan Gem (THG)

You can also earn PP inside the game, which is used to upgrade your Heroes. (It also uses THG to upgrade heroes)

Thetan Coin (THC)

Thetan Coin is what you earn by playing the game... well, almost that. When playing the game your will earn gTHC and you can claim those in game gTHC for THC. There are some restrictions for claiming, and you lose a little bit in the transaction fee, which is around 4% accordingly with the Whitepaper. If you wanna know the details, I advice you to look in the Whitepaper since it's not that long, but I don't intend to make this post that specific.

Thetan Coin is used to buy Thetan Box, and you get heroes by opening them. So Thetan Coin's price is heavily related to the market price of heroes.

Thetan Coin is also paid for streaming Thetan Arena, but I must say that I haven't found anything related to this in the Thetan Arena Discord. I know that HodlGOD has something like this, paying streamers for streaming their game, but I haven't found the evidence on Thetan Arena. That can be a feature for the future, not yet implemented, or I could have just missed something and it's actually happening.

THC is a BEP20 token, meaning that it is based on the Binance Smart Chain, so you can expect pretty reasonable fees when trading and allocating your Thetan Coins.

Lastly, Thetan Coin has unlimited supply.

Thetan Gems (THG)

Thetan Gem is the utility and governance token of Thetan Arena. You can see the supply and distribution of THG here:

The utility of THG described in the Whitepaper is as follows:

  • Users would receive $THG rewards by staking Thetan Heroes and participating in a variety of ecosystem games and tasks, for example completing certain challenges, outperforming other players, accruing play-time, introducing new users to the game, or participating in governance.

The other utility they mention is a way of governance.

There are ways to earn THG, and they basically mean to give THG to people that provide value to the ecosystem of Thetan Arena. So you can earn by:

  • There will be Special Events organized by Thetan Area which allows $THG and unique crypto collectibles (NFTs) to be earned.
  • Participating in tournaments will allow users to earn $THG.
  • Participating in the Marketplace will allow users to earn $THG.

The restrictions for claiming that THC had is shared here with THG.

THG is not only on the Binance Smart Chain, but you can find their token on the KRC20, Kardia Chain.

Platforms and Servers

Thetan Arena is a very light game and you can play it on anything pretty much. Desktop or phone should run it smoothly and you can enjoy it a lot with friends.

Another feature that made me VERY HAPPY was their servers. Their servers today are:

  • SA
  • US
  • USW
  • EU
  • RU
  • JP
  • AU

So you can play from many places of the world without a high ping, which would ruin your experience on Thetan Arena since this is a game of skill, fast reaction and strategy.


The gameplay is awesome, and I have been playing for 1 day, so I'm pretty new to the game itself, but I'm grinding man. Reaching Private IV was nice, and I'm keep my pace.

There are 4 game modes in Thetan Arena:

  • Solo/Duo Battle Royale
  • Deathmatch 4v4
  • Super Star 4v4
  • Tower Destroy 4v4

Solo/Duo Battle Royale is always on, and there another one between Deathmatch, Super Star and Tower Destroy that you can choose from, but they are never online at the same time. Each hour or so it changes.

In this image I had just clicked on Tower, and the message says that it will start on ~9m. When Tower starts, the Super Star that I can play right now will be disabled, and so they change the game modes every now and then. Because of that you are always playing something a little different and that is quite nice in my opinion.

A brief description of the Modes:

Deathmatch: It's a 4v4 brawl where the team that kills more wins (almost true). As time progresses the value of each kill increases, so if you get a kill late game it can be worth 3 kills.

This is works as a comeback mechanic sometimes, and it gives a little bit of non-linearity to the gameplay as well.

Super Star: Every now and then a Super Star is spawned in the middle of the map, and the team who catches the Super Star can earn little stars that are dropped near the Super Star. To get the Super Star you need to kill whoever is holding it, and the team that gathers 50 little stars first wins, or who has more stars at the end of playing time.

Tower Destroy: Tower Destroy is pretty similar to Super Star. At some point a battery will spawn in the middle of the map and you have to get it and hold it for a certain amount of time. If you do so, a Robot is created for your team and this robot attacks the enemy tower. Protecting the battery and the robot after is what you wanna do in Tower Destroy. The game ends at the end of playing time or when a tower is destroyed.

I haven't played Solo/Duo Battle Royal mode, but hopefully I'm gonna try them tonight!

Real game; Real FUN!

Blockchain gaming has a huge deficit of real games, and Thetan Arena is one of this odd gems. It is a real game with a very high skill ceiling, lots of possibilities and details that can determine whether you are a decent player, mediocre player or a great player. For me this is always fun, and the mechanics and gameplay of Thetan Arena are great. I really think you guys should give it a try and see if pleases your taste.

Improvements for the Future

One thing I missed was a better channel of communication IN-GAME. This is a very fast game, and communication plays an important role.

Another thing that MUST be changed is the fact that Solo matches and Group matches are treated pretty much the same when grinding, and if you ever played a competitive MOBA you know that this is as far from fair as it can possible be.

Although this are some negative aspects of Thetan, I know this is a very early stage game that can surely improve as it goes. Nothing happens without time, and there's too many positive things in Thetan Arena to focus on the bad side.

Thanks for Reading!

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I am trying this now.

Hope you're enjoying the game bro.

I played a bit when that game launched and I like it. It's not the usual crypto game and it's fun. Didn't play for a while because I have to grind other games for bonuses but I will play Thetan Arena again. I also looked at the Heroes but they are expensive and I already bought card packs for Warsaken, God's Unchained and Splinterlands. That was not cheap months recently.

I feel you man, I have been playing a lot of different games too, and it demands time. Glad to have you on board of the Thetan Arena o//

Yeah! To many games and not enough time beside work.
!gif arena

Thank you for the very detailed post, I am definitely have to look into this

Thanks for coming here, dude. Hoping to find some of you guys there on the server.

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This is a very detail explanation in the game. I have only started playing but it is well written. The only thing im trying to find out is it worth buying a nft with the amount of times you can win from them. But well done

I didn't know much yesterday when I was writing, but I came across this post from @kotonoke in the Discord of 1UP https://peakd.com/hive-131619/@kotenoke/thetan-arena-2nd-entry-chance.

Here he does some calculations and stuff, and the math to calculate is there, you just have to change the value of THC.

Hope I helped there, and thanks for coming here.

One thing for sure: Thetan Arena should sponsor your post! And what a great introduction to this game!


Appreciate that!


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Thank you for this amazing overview of Thetan Arena!

This game is a lot of fun to play but incredible competitive from the start. Like you wrote, you often compete against groups who rip through any random group with ease. But these are birthing problems, I seeing this game as something that a lot of people will play for a long time. If they can make the earnings with heroes and economics a bit clearer and more attractive, it can become one of the big ones. In terms of total players they already seem to be one of, if not the largest blockchain game already.

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Totally agree. They have a lot of numbers already, they have the possibility of grabbing mobile and desktop players, and they have lots of good servers to make pings decent on many regions.

This game is fun, well structured and my bet is the same as yours; This is going to be one of the big ones for sure.

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