Knightlands MMORPG Announced - IDO, Whitepaper and Terra Blockchain coming next

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Knightlands an idle browser RPG in Beta, where you do your quests, grind power, gather money to improve your equipment and keep grinding further and further. Yesterday (December 15th), Knightlands has announced that they will release a new game in the future, an MMORPG browser and mobile based and that the Knightlands Beta was renamed Knightlands: Prologue.


Here's the TLDR from their medium announcement, and don't despair, I'll break down everything for you next.

  • IDO coming for KL coin over the next few months.
  • A new in-game Christmas event is in the works
  • We’ll be providing regular community/dev updates for you all
  • Renaming Knight Lands Beta to Knights: Prologue
  • Confirmed plans to migrate Knights: Prologue to create a new Mobile/Browser-based MMORPG. (More on this later)
  • A new whitepaper and website will be released over the coming weeks

Initial Dex Offering of KL Coin

About the IDO of KL we really don't know much at the moment. The use cases for KL are yet to be determined and the only thing release right now is the distribution of KL. Every detail about the future economics of Knightlands will be release in a week from now in the whitepaper.

New Christmas Event

The Christmas event was announced in Discord at the time of the Halloween event, and we can expect some nice Play To Earn mechanics just as we had in the Halloween. Maybe some NFT's drop for the new game or something is possible as well.


One thing Knightlands devs have always been pretty solid is their communication. You can easily get in touch with them from Discord, and announcements are always done via Medium, Twitter and Discord so everybody can follow the news. I expect things to keep smooth in this front as the project develops.

New MMORPG Browser/Mobile Game

This was the big announcement this week that took the whole Knightlands community by surprise, and in the website we have some amazing pictures of what can be the new MMO.

This new MMO could drive a lot more players to find their way into Knightlands and it will turn an idle game into a very active game to play.

Terra network over Polygon

The dev team decided to make the game on the Terra blockchain instead of the previously chosen Polygon. The reasons for that are still unclear, but that can be a massive thing for Terra over the long run.

Thanks for Reading!

I know that my post have a lot of questions unanswered, but that is the current state of Knightlands today. The announcement has just come and a lot of things got answered in their posts on Medium that you can find here:


That looks like a very nice addition to the play2earn world. Thanks for presenting it to us!

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Thank you so much man, I appreciate that. I'm not acquainted with your project, but I guess I'll have to learn more from now on. Just shows how Hive is such a vast universe.

Thanks for letting us know about this project at its early stages

The dev team decided to make the game on the Terra blockchain instead of the previously chosen Polygon.

Using the current momentum, most investor are heavily bullish on Terra Luna and it's gaining a lot of attraction than Polygon. Of course Polygon is awesome on its own way!

Anything with decent fees, good speed and that actually works is already in the "amazing" category. Many of these networks don't really have projects with considerable numbers for me to hold convictions.

Hive is one of the most underrated blockchains in my mind. What Hive has done it with SL, others have yet to prove. Hopefully we can have a lot of great networks and good bridges in the future.

Except ETH for rediculous fees all the top 50 networks and blockchain are great! The problem is not all of them have decent bridges.
Hive is too underrated and another sad truth, people want to make 200% gains overnight and not work themselves into blogging and curating etc...

Looking forward to that whitepaper so we can get more details about the tokenonics and gameplay. I haven't played the idle game but the MMORPG looks alright.

The idle is good, but the MMO looks fun. Hope I can make a better post once the Whitepaper comes out.

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