NFT Gaming Review Challege

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Hello fellow Hivians!

As you all know the 1UP Zone is a place where we can all go to get the latest scoop on up and coming NFT games. This space is growing much faster than I can personally keep up with so I wanted to host a challenge for you all to participate in to help me stay 'in the know'.


Challenge Details

Everything you need to know to take part and what you'll have a shot at winning.

Giveaway Rewards!

This is what you are all after so lets get to it.

  1. All valid entries will receive an upvote from 1 or more of the Oneup Curators.
  2. The best review will receive 50 One Up Tokens from my personal stock.
  3. 50% of all liquid HBD/HP earnings that this post makes will be sent out randomly to valid contestants based on the amount that we generate.

How to Participate

  • Create a post on Oneup that summarizes an NFT game excluding the big 3 here (SPL, Axie, and RS). Topic areas to consider including:
    • Game Overview
    • State of Developement (Full release, Alpha/Beta, In-Dev)
    • Dev Bios
    • Related curriences and where you can get them
    • Known georestrictions
    • Cost of entry
    • Your general thoughts about the game (Good or Bad)

DEADLINE: Payout of this post.


Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading your posts.

Check out the OneUp Discord for more competitions and information.


Here's my entry to the Challenge! It's been a long time that I wanted to make a post about Gods Unchained, finally I had the opportunity to actually sit down and write it down 😂


Thanks for participating!

Great initiative, Kotenoke! Let's see different games in the community :D


I had a hard enough time learning hive and hive gaming in the begining. Now I gotta jump through hoops of another chains games?? 😂😂

Yes, the blockchain world is certainly a new and difficult experience in some cases but the rewards are often just as extreme. Plus, if you are enjoying a game, who wouldn't want to be paid for that...

welcome to the world of crypto

Good luck for the day ahead 1up

Cool this gives me a productive project to do on the side great idea. If it isn't my own posts it can't be zeroed 🤣

If you've been playing a new NFT game, the Oneup team would love to hear about it.


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Love it!

Hi here is my recent post about a game under development: Arker Legend of Ohm


Wonderful write up. Thanks for participating.

Yay! 🤗
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Give aways are great for getting people to spring into action. Honestly I was not aware of nft games on other blockchains :-)

Yeah, most of the major blockchains have games on them. Even Ethereum despite its massive gas fees have high volume games chugging along.

Thanks for participating! One thing I've noticed is that the games that spend time on UI tend to do better than those that don't. Even if the gameplay and mechanics themselves are amazing, if it is a pain for a user to navigate through they drop it. This game seems to do well in that area at least.

I completely agree with you, and I can say that I've even dropped some games because of what you described.

I'll give someone a hint but there is a game called ChiFiBots that is on the Aspire engine that is going to blow up. If anyone wants to write about that to be entered for a chance to win take it.

I'd love to hear more about this game. The artwork alone looks right down my ally.
Blockchain Cuties
The worst blockchain game I've tried (and stuck around for some time.)

Thanks for participating! I hadn't heard of this one before. Very cute creatures but you are right... that gameplay... lacking to say the least.

Hello! Here's my post about GU with my story of reaching Ethereal Diamond completely F2P:

GU is one of my favorite to play NFT games at the moment. Its nice to see players starting f2p and integrating their earned NFT cards as they go. That said, you pulled some solid Nature cards.

Thetan Arena, a highly competitive game coming on the 27th

Thanks for participating!

I actually enjoy playing TA quite a bit. They are quick and easy matches. Just wish the load times weren't so bad given the arena's are quite small, etc.

interesting contest! great idea

With OneUp sort of taking the place of a modern day NFT based Nintendo-Power, it only makes sense for this type of content to be here. I've seen quite a few new to me games on here already.

Great challenge, here's my entry:

I don't know if 1Up have Twitter, but here is:

This is a game that seems to continue to build momentum as it moves along. It is still very under the radar but maybe not for long. Hopefully it will turn into the next big game coming to and out of the HIVE ecosystem. I encourage people to give it a look if they haven't already.

Wow, just missed this challenge. I could have reviewed Blankos Block Party or even Voxie Tactics, some nice reviews I'm seeing here. Tnx @kotenoke, and keep the challenges coming, ure driving up the heat for sure, trust me.