ChiFiBots Indiegogo Campaign | Exclusive Beta Bot | Game Updates

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Hello wonderful Hivians,

We have recently launched our Indiegogo campaign that features an exclusive ChiFiBot called "Beta Bot" who is the second ever ChiFiBot. Beta Bot can only be obtainable in the Indiegogo campaign. If you missed our hive pre-sale, don't miss the Indiegogo!

Indiegogo campaign: LINK

Note: Tier 5 (1K USD) option no longer includes the "rare land plot." Only those who purchased via the Hive campaign will receive that option.


Alpha Game Update

We're officially underway with an alpha version for the game. There were many happy smiles to finally see some basic playable matches. Our amazing programmer Arif has been spectacular and we'd ideally love for him to have some teammates to help accelerate the progress of the game.


Note: This is literally the 1st week of coding it. Improvements will be constantly made.


Hive Power ChiFiBot Drawing Competition

Later in the week, we will post an official competition for a Hivian to draw our Hive exclusive ChiFibot named "Hive Power." Nothing will give us more joy than someone from this community drawing the exclusive.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places!


That's all from us for now. Join us on Discord to learn more.

Have a great day in Web 3!

NFT Studios Team


I hope to see this bots soon.

Coming to a screen near you in 2022.

Is Beta Bot jealous of Alpha Bot? !1UP 100 🍄

I feel bad not having a land for the 1K option, but this is life. The game looks cool. Hoping for the best.

Land sales will come later down the track, it was tacked on as extra but more people purchased tier 5 than expected haha.

mas informacion de este proyecto??? tienes mi voto

Really looking forward to playing this game!

We are too, NFT x Gaming = match made in metaverse heaven

Great News! I think I will still go for the indie gogo campaign too :)

Super cool, looks like there will be a lot of choices and interactions when this game gets released!

yes, standard mode will be fun!

O this is awesome, I am so excited for this play2earn game

Cool stuff, glad to hear about the continued progression. Beta bot looks neat. !PIZZA


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