Celebrating twitch affiliate status and Giveaway winner announced!

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If you are not playing the hotest NFT game out there you are missing something! Get your Summoners Spellbook today! Try Splinterlands, this play to earn blockchain trading card game has experienced massive growth in the past few weeks and continues to grow with the same pace. Get started! It is never too late, the Chaos Legion presale is around the corner and things are about to go crazy in the splinterlands!



More than a week ago @solymi posted a 1000 DEC giveaway and aske his readers to tell him where they see splinterlands in exactly one year. This is the post where I show you the winner of this last giveaway done by solymi.
All new giveaways that are related to playtoearn blckchaingames or NFTs will be done on this account in the future.

Lets have a look at the amazing comments and engagement that giveaway got. I will quote their comments and also tag them in this post as they are elligible to win 1000 DEC

  • I hope Splinterlands will take off with millions of users and a robust community and economy like one of the AAA video game titles. Only time will tell! Thanks for the post and giveaway! @mcgilli

  • In my opinion this year will be partialy focused on eliminating bots from our community. We can already see first steps that hit new players with richochette. Its nearly impossible for me as fresh player to win decent rewards in bronze to build up my deck and power and climb slowly higher since 13 coins as reward from quest chest and only 1 chest quest is really shamefull reward.
    The problem of bots is indeed growing especially when they are lowering card prices on market making it even harder to make profit for people who resell cards so i understand why developers started to act in that direction let's hope they will think about more accurate way to fight with that dark side of SplinterLands community.

    Other part which will be focused will be lands and implementing SPS rewards from ranked battles as You mentioned higher in the post. SPS and DEC prices are already growing which will only allow us to earn more as players enjoying that game. Lands will allow even more opportunities to incrase our wealth and will attract more new players that will try to fight their way to the top of this amaizing game.
    What should also come is at least one new card series which will make game even enjoyable changing meta cards and allowing players to build new unique strategy for each deck. I hope the Devs will surprise us with something truly unexpected that will leave us all speachless. It will be fun to check this comments after a year to check if we are right with our predictions and who was the closest one to truth.Lets enjoy the game and lets all meet clashing against each other in top leagues of our game! @marcinxyz

  • @blingit same as here... stupid name... its bling - it as i put gemstones on costumes and well... lol.
    Total newbie here mum of two wee girls been playing splinterlands for 1,5 months. i HATE card games... so for me to be playing this game, i think this kinda shows what its worth. If an Arty mumma in the suburbs of australia who has never played a card game in her life is enjoying the game...
    this thing is totally amazeballs.
    AMAZEBALLS - Aussie slang there guys for awesome... lol
    as for where it goes. "Fetch me a crystal ball" and hang on to your pants. I got no clue. Hopefully one SPS is worth $200.
    WE can wish. All the best. Happy playing and i hope the random card gods bless you with a yodin in every chest :-)

  • Am @tim.hendrix
    In a year, Splinterlands will be in a better spot. One of the reasons would be the release of Chaos Legion and the new format. Up-and-comers and veteran players alike will have more venues to play. New players can have their chances to improve their collection and at the same time compete at a suitable league format for them. Can't wait for both formats to have their own meta games. As it is league meta's are already different, it will be doubled to say the least. The influx of new players will surely encourage more players to invest on their own decks and that means more opportunities for Splinterlands to make things better.
    Plus, the online community is getting better on a daily basis :)

  • username : @skyn
    Where I think splinterlands will be in a year. Well I really can't imagine where they're gonna be with everything they have planned, Lands, Tournaments, New packs coming out and probably a little expansion also. This is really great news and the community keeps on growing so I expect it to just be way ahead a of lot of other game just by how they are giving away!

  • @ivarbjorn
    As to what I can project the game in 1 year, it will grow exponentially especially with the chaos legion coming out this year, also the addition of plots that might be added next year will be so interesting, with the riftwatchers going to follow. I am positive that splinterlands will go to the moon very soon.. I will share the winnings to the #nosleepgang through my streams! #tothemoonbabyyy

  • I am @skuuun
    I think in a year the market cap will pass half a billion USD! Also will be among the top downloaded apps in the mobile app stores :)

  • @itzninjafool: I believe you are right my good friend! This game is going larger than I think even the creators expected.

  • Splinterlands is really addictive at the fact you get paid to play. It's a simple game to learn but there are things which should be improved, especially the noobie gap. I see many splinterlands hosted events where you need a lot of SPS staked to join, which basically gives even more SPS to whales. I can see this being changed in the future so that new players will get a chance to fair with the pros as well. As someone who started on 30 july, i'm really lucky to have pulled 2 legendary gold foils which pays alot of my rentals and allow me to climb to diamond 1 on season end, thus i still fair well in the game. Considering i only put $10 in the game, the payout of this is really attractive IMO. I'll continue to play daily so i can see the improvements and growth made to the game.
    Thanks for the giveaway as well! @cryptoboy18

  • Hello, my splinterlands username is @h3m4n7
    Looking at some of the users statistics on various play2earn games, splinterlands seems to be one with most active users and in my opinion the reason for that is low entry cost to start playing the game which let users try the game around and with initial rewards (like daily quests) get them interested and keep them playing longer and supporting the economy of the game, although I am not sure how recent changes in chest rewards with effect this.
    If game devs can keep all players interested, new players with interesting rewards (potions seem to be crap) and veteran players with new cards and challenges, then in 1 year game will surely hvae lot more active users.
    About tagging a friend, since I am new to the game and community, currently do not know any people here so can not tag anybody for now.

  • IGN: @project10back
    I think Splinterlands is gonna be streamed on large online venues and it will become a household name.

  • @kursen
    hopefully it gets the attention similar to axie, so we can all buy our lambos

  • I am @irisworld
    I am sure that splinterlands will be a TOP 1 blockchain game and there will be millions of players! Also, the SPS airdrop will be over by that time and I think its value will even go up!

  • IGN: @btcsam
    I think that Splinterlands will be even more popular in 1 year. I think there will be many more cool cards by then, possibly with different versions, such as a Christmas Alric Stormbringer haha that would be cool

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Username: @blueleader03
    I think Splinterlands is going to continue to grow at an enormous rate this year, and with the recent nerfs to bots, we may see an increase in the rewards we get. I think they will continue to release more card sets as time goes on, but I think the biggest change is going to be when they introduce land into the game. I think this land will dramatically change prices of cards and DEC, but we'll just have to wait to find out.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • IGN @arkasz
    The game has a neat mechanic. I like card games a lot, and the the combination of different mana and special rules per game makes this game challenging and engaging at once. It has a great ballance with it's power system as well and the community is perfect.
    All in all, if there won't be a shift to a toxic environment + what is keeping me away from Axie Online - won't get overpriced, then I believe in a great future for this game or at least a good community with whom I can play and have fun with :)

  • IGN: @half-fast
    Before I answer your topic, I'd like to say that this is a much better way to help the community than your alt-account delegation idea. It turned me and many others off due to the golden rule of crypto: "Not your keys = Not your crypto" I wasn't doubting your intentions, but I think you can see the reason that idea gave off bad optics.

    Right, now where I see SL in one year... While some of the decisions being made I find worrisome, I see SL still being fine in a year. It's Two to three years the trends worry me at.
    The Position I'm in Explaining my point of View:
    I'm at a point that I'm only a bronze player 2-3 days at the beginning of a new season and have been following and preaching a buy > rent philosophy from the beginning. Trying to get to Silver II is slow going in the current environment, (and other non-SL things I have going on.) My views aren't about right now, but about a future farther than one year as I'm not so new or uninvested that these changes affect me too much right now, but I'm not so invested that I'd be able to effectively escape easily if things go bad, meaning this pyramid would come crashing down right on my head.
    Issues I see
    While I agree that things have needed to change I think in some instances the problem was mis-diagnosed. For instance too many people think the problem was bot being able to suck up the chests with massive bot-farms. While partly true, the main advantage the bot farms had is that a bot script can control 10k accounts an hour, while a player might be able to play on average 5-10 accounts a day, (perhaps 16-20 maximum, if they don't do anything else.) The issue isn't the botting as much as the over-multi-accounting. This latest change does not address that and does more to punish new players for being new than it affects bot farms.
    Also, While I understand the point of reducing burn value and collection power of new cards, it's being done linearally rather than on a curve. If this trend continues, next main release common cards will have 0 burn value and collection power. This will make things even harder for new players to get started. If new players can't use cards to improve their situation in getting started, they will have no value at all to them. I hope this gets addressed soon. Otherwise, it will only get worse from there.
    My Concerns about these issues
    While These changes seem like they work now, they could cause bigger problems down the road. First, if new players continue to be punished more than over multi-accounting bot farms, the new player retention rate will eventually start to decrease. Without new players coming in to buy cards the market will shrink as there will be fewer and fewer buyers for card sellers to ultimately sell to. Flipping will only mask this for so long. Second, if card value continues to drop, it will be harder to maintain prices because zero value cards will not be very useful in the market. After all, what's the point of buying cards that won't help you advance? Hence the market could shrink even more. If the market shrinks too much it will reach a point of total collapse.
    Potential Solutions
    For the first issue, either divorcing collection power from burn value, or at least switching from a linear regression in burn value to a curve that never hits 0 would be the most optimal solutions to this. Cards only have value to most players if they provide benefit, and value them commiserate to that benefit.
    For the second issue, I did offer a couple better solutions in one suggestion that would first address the over-multiaccounting and cause issues for those that wanted to depend on only spirit cards for their strategies and instead create a way to basically advertise different cards inspiring newer players and inspiring all spellbook only players to purchase, (or rent if they don't know beter,) to be able to use cards reliably.
    I like SL and see all the benefits and potential. I just don't want it to collapse on me before I get there too.
    The person I'd like to see recieve 10% if I win is IGN: drollepop He's a newer player in my guild that has talent and has spellbook but still logs in with email/password who I've been trying to get to understand the full spectrum of the game but he still feels these changes are even more doomsday than they actually are right now.

  • im sure spliterlands will go up and up until it is the number 1 nft game in the whole world,

  • Well, I think in 1 year there would be more players coming, and it is possible that old cards might lose their value especially with the new ones coming but I still think it would be a great game. I am looking forward to a great fix in their market system where refresh times are really real-time so you don't have to refresh and refresh the page waiting for it to change. Playing Splinterlands is really fun and good.
    As for the person I'll tag since I don't have friends yet in this game because I just finished my first great week I'll just tag the latest person who commented @deathfool and hope we'll be friends <3.
    Thank you so much!

  • It's no lie that Splinterlands is getting more and more attention to new players so it is to be expected that 1 year from now, we surely will have much more larger community. That also means more fun to have. And there's talk that battle items will also be released next year so there's that. Anyways, he's not a friend but a brother whom I want to share my prize if ever I win.
    my ign: @deathfool

  • @bakuoni
    i hope in 1 year splinterlands will be able to funciton in its own eco-system and not be related to btc.
    Bigger and better and not screw over new players as much, they probably have to figure out what to do with sps after the airdrop ends.
    Errr i don't know anyone in this game so can i just tag you lol?

  • Thanks for the SPS!
    I think in a year, it will be so hard for new players to get a foothold that it will have plateaued. Consolidation of power will continue to consolidate with the players who have been around a long time or have the finances to buy lots of cards early on. It's structured to be a similar rich stat rich model as much of the rest of society. Although, somehow is a rare generosity with many of the well endowed players supporting newbies. Which I'm grateful for. I'm curious about that cultural norm and how we translate that to larger society. Thanks for your stewardship of the community.
    Also, thanks for the advice. I came to that conclusion yesterday, was about to rent, and decided to buy. I'll probably need to take some time off with a new baby coming soon and I figure I can put a bunch of my cards up for rent in the meantime. @sqishna

  • My SL ign is the same @silentwill
    Just last month we saw Splinterlands rose to the top and I see it continue to soar and stand mighty above the rest of block chain games.

  • Splinterlands will continue its growth by introducing updates and maintaining the economy. Holders of SPS can participate in governance and vote what will the best for the game. I see Splinterlands as an e-sports game, with million of users and transactions. It will change so many lives; including me, you, and the rest of players. @zenitsu12

  • I think that splinterlands in a year will be the biggest NFT game.
    My guess is that it will have 800K to 1 Million player accounts. But it will be even more difficult for new players (if they not invest in buying lot of cards)
    But I expect Chaos Legion to dramatically change the meta and the market.
    This will be hope for new players to have a chance to proggress in the game.
    Also I expect SPS be over $1.8 ~ $2 and DEC over $1
    In general the game in a year will be a lot better than what it is today, with more opporunity to earn.
    my username is: @liquid-miracle

  • @buzzgoblin here
    It will be hard to keep up the current growth for Splinterlands, but if they can keep their current players with new content and get a little more, we will be in a good position next year. New player experience is still lacking, they should improve that sooner than later, because it will be hard to keep them. Cards don't keep their value without new players.

  • @modough
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    I think that in one year Splinterlands will be bigger than MTG! 😁 Ok, maybe that's wishful thinking, but I do see it catching on with the masses as a fun way to maybe make a little extra something something and get introduced to crypto in general. It's definitely not a get rich quick game, and hopefully the people who don't know that by now will be fewer and fewer until we are left with a community of people who just enjoy the game and see the extra earning power as a bonus.

  • A year for a NFT game is a lot of time, splinterlands has been having a good trayectory so far, so i spect that in 1 year be one of the most relevant NFT games in the world (well, is #1 in dappradar but atm i don't see people in real life talking about the game in the streets, thing that happens with others games like axie or even plants vs undead lately). Particulary i like to rent gold foild cards when they are cheap to rent, then extend the rent of the most cheap ones and keep renting more but even more cheap xD, i hope to get 100k power and enough ELO for the end of this season e_e @amaillo

  • think that blockchain games in general are gonna keep climbing higher and higher for the next year, even if short-term losses will surely happen. Splinterlands will be one of the leaders in this market and we'll have so many players, systems and visibility that it should become a major eSports title that will change the history of gaming. @litrydow

  • The future of Splinterlands is bright but in a years time, with the release of lands, two new card series and SPS being all over the game in ways that I can barely imagine, its nearly impossible to say. @magooz

  • If the devs continue to be as involved as they are in the development of Splinterlands, I wouldn't be surprised if Splinterlands start to hit the million active player mark. In fact, if the sept - oct growth says anything, by April the number of active players should already by at the millions. My IGN is @lapizote

  • @draicor I think that splinterlands in a year will be better than what it is today, more players, more cards, a lot of new stuff, I don't know about the price of the tokens though, or the cards, that will depend on the whole crypto market, and that's impossible to predict. But I believe the game and the community will be even better.

  • my username is @bokica80
    What i think, i will not think anymore, when i join i watch only money, i know we all need money, but after 2 monts i notice game is good, team is good, for now i saw only good players, community is strong we stream on twitch every day support each other... And i hope this game will be number 1 in world. Why play league of legends lose nervs and dont earn nothing if you can play splinterlands, and you always earn no matter what u get cards DEC SPS you earn every day something, small but earn. Who know one day that small can be better....

  • I hope that splinterlands is at the top of the crypto games but above all I hope I have achieved my challenge. Have a $ 100,000 splinterlands account, sell it and share 50% with the community. @tokutaro22

  • Cool challenge, I guess Splinterlands will reach unicorn status within a year, i.e. both the SPS market cap as well as the cards market cap will exceed 1 billion dollar. Exciting times. @vikisecrets

  • @kyuki I think, a year from now, Splinterlands will be continuing its huge growth. Chaos Legion has released, it's already in Public Sale, in fact, it's probably SOLD OUT.
    The whales bought a lot, but during the pre-sale, they sold packs practically at value to reinvest later, and sold cards getting them to the player base successfully. They then reinvested into the general sale, along with many other newer players. Growth continues...
    SPS Battles are here, SPS has finished, but the SPS value is just above $2. It got listed on Binance around February. ATH was around $5, during the listing and then it settled back down. We've had some delays still with growing pains largely due to this binance listing, but Land has released and been opened, and we're all waiting for the real release, where it will be functional in-game which will ramp up SPS even more. Riftwatchers is also coming out concurrently, bringing us our first BIG DEC burn since the growth started. Vouchers are still required for RiftWatchers initially.
    DEC is accepted at market value across the board, this has made DEC stabilize at about .005, even after the airdrop has ended.
    The rental market crashed, and was revamped further to have optional 15 day contracts at a premium. Most new players use these, despite the additional costs. Leaderboards still make end of season rentals very rough.
    The market is booming, older cards are appreciating. Alphas are like the 1st Edition of Pokemon, very valuable and rare. People are starting to have a market for these cards again, ironically not to play, but to collect and own.
    The team is currently in talk with a big company, and eSports are picking it up. It's also in the top 20 streamed games on Twitch.

  • I honestly think that splinterlands would make me rich but for 1 year maybe at least It would make me famous for earning from just playing. Im planning to focus playing this game until Im not worrying about my bills xD @zekero is my ign

  • GN: @luizeba
    I think Splinterlands will become a mainstream-known NFT game, like Axie Infinity is today. The game is actually fun to play, and people's already used on collecting cards due games like Magic the Gathering. It has everything setup to boom!

  • I honestly have no idea where splinterland will be in a year but I hope it continues to grow in users and improve in entertainment. I bet on this game. @yeckingo1


My eyes are tired from so many comments! Thanks for the huge engagement on that post. I really appreciate it. Thanks to all the Summoners who played.
Each of your answers mostly show optimism and or constructive suggestions.

Now the time has come to pick a winner. And I really dont want to copy all the names again and put them on a wheel. So this is going to be decided in a slightly different way.

The two Summoners who put the most effort in writing outstanding answers will share the pool of 700 DEC in a 50/50 split. the remaining 300 goes to a special category.

And without further ado the winners of the most meaningful comments are in order of appearance:

The special category goes to best artist for the Santa Alric: @btcsam

Attention winners. I am transferring your winnings in game. Please make sure if your usernames are correct and if not please let me know ASAP. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Celebrating affiliate status on twitch

My #playtoearn journey started with #risingstargame and then I got to play splinterlands.

But play to earn has different levels. And one of these levels is streaming on twitch. I encourage each and every content creator to share their journey with others by streaming their day to day activities. The streaming communinty is amazing and everyone supports each other.

I reached affiliate status within my 9th day on twitch and with only 7 days of streaming.
I hope to gain more traction here on 1up.zone and on other social outlets.

I want to say thanks to all my followers and also want to tell you that the winners of the 10 DEC each are:
@cutedawako| @lordemmy | @bokica80 | @mhowii | @dangerkill | @iceman-23 | @semaj-x | @squishna| @zottone444 | @unibert


The No Sleep Gang

getting raided by these bunch of amazing humans is the biggest honor. In my short streaming career I have experienced so many joyful hours with these amazing Splinterpeeps.
There are pro gamers and recreational players, dolphins whales and minnows. Teenagers and old Splinter veterans. All together we have an amazing community on that platform. So far the tag #splinterlands has a little more than 1k followers. I reached over 120 of those by streaming regurarly. And I must say there is so much room for growth.

These are the early days of streaming splinterlands content on twitch. There is only a handful of creators and there is room for much more! If you do not want to create content you can still earn from watching the streamers. By simply engaging in their chats you will be elligible for card and dec and SPS giveaways.

The community is absolutely generous and a lot of players share their earnings from their daily grind with their followers. I personally gave away and sponosored more than 3k DEC in a few days of streaming. And I am one of the smaller fishes there. Bigger streamers like @clove71 (happy birthday!), @gank and @marcuswahl are doing so much for the community.

I had some issues with my sound setup and I am still figuring out the best way to set it up so I can give my viewers the sound quality they deserve. I hope to solve all setup issues by end of this week the latest and will be on air to celebrate my 200th follower. Maybe I will also have some subscribers by then.

Sure thing: I added another layer of income to my splinterlands assets. I can use them to create content for my streams, I can gift them to engaging followers and subscribers and help to grow the Splinterlands community by raising awareness to a game that can provide for your family.

follow these streamers on twitch! And I mean it when I say support them all! Each of them is a huge asset to this community
  • gank
  • drabs
  • Godislove777
  • rentaw
  • CmmndrBawang
  • SilentXNecrosis
  • BokiCa80
  • splinterlandscolosseum
  • SplinterNews
  • 0hmmygod
  • skynotik
  • Sunny
  • Puditang2300
  • cryptollamatv
  • bulldog1205
  • adikar
  • theconfusedminer
  • untamedsarge
  • zitronttv
  • without_empathy
  • thisisaftersound
  • siutcase
  • niclamus
  • nardian_spl
  • clove71
  • mhowii
  • ivarBj0rn
  • gameboy_ali

  • Thanks to the great community and I hope to catch some of you on my channel.

    Follow SplinterNews on TWITCH

    Play RisingSTARgame

    Farm Dcrops


    Thanks for the 300 DEC, I appreciate that. And congrats for getting your Twitch affiliate status 🎉

    And yes, my Splinterlands in-game name is @btcsam

    Congrats on the almost immediate affiliate status! Told you there was a dire need for streamers in this space :P

    Thanks for pointing this out to me! And I invite you to join in on the fun!

    This hive account is my SL account.

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    Congrats on your Twitch affiliate status bro 💯