Earn cryptocurrency while you tweet on twitter

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The latest from hive. you can now monetize well you can earn hive cryptocurrency from your tweets.


How it works pretty easy you join d.buzz here d.buzz. remember you need a hive account to use any of the hive dapps so get an account here https://hiveonboard.com/ if you don't have one.

once you are set up with an account go to d.buzz log in and connect your tweeter account with d.buzz.

the process is easy any difficulties hit twitter someone will help you.

once all that is done all you do tweet like you normally do and all your tweets will be posted on hive blockchain where people will see and like them for every like you get you have a chance of earning some crypto.

you can also post on there directly if you like. there is also a a hive community where you can read more posts on how to Earn Crypto on hive i suggest you join.

So if you are someone who can post a good tweet try it out and earn some cryptocurrency.


Har dbuzz deres egen token eller hvordan?

$Hive for now