Earn Cryptocurrency?

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Quick introduction.
As the name Earn crypto suggests this account will be used to post articles for the best ways you can earn cryptocurrency online as an absolute beginner.

first you must know what cryptocurrency is so i really suggest you read this wikipedia articles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency

once you understand what cryptocurrency is come back to this blog and learn how you can earn them , exchange them and most importantly how to correctly use them.

the best cryptos for me are Bitcoin and Hive.

while in the hive blockchain you cant earn bitcoin you can earn hive and exhange them for bitcoins if you like.

in this post i will just i will just explain what you need to get started and get free cryptocurrency for socializing . you know the things you do with facebook twitter or any other social platform where you post comment like dislike content.

first thing to get you started on earning some free cryptocurrency is to get you a hive account.

there is a website where you can follow the simple instructions [get a hive account] (https://hiveonboard.com?ref=bobskibob)

chose the method you like and get an instant account.

to get you started on your crypto career all you will need an email to confirm your account.

go on an do that get a free account .

this post was suppose to be short. i cut it off now once you have an account come back here comment with any questions or join the

earn cryptocurrency community and meet new people.


boom it's that easy just earned 68 cent worth of cryptocurrency from one single upvote :) thank you kind stranger