Earning Cryptocurrency made easy

in #hive-1023712 months ago

Interested in cryptocurrency? confused and don't know where to start ?

That happens crypto world can be confusing the best way to learn about them is to dive right in. i created this community for anyone who is new to cryptocurrency world and want to earn some for free without having to buy them.

hive is the place where you can earn cryptocurrency the easy way.
nothing technical about it just join open a free account and start earning crypto by doing what you normally do online on other social platforms like facebook, twitter, facebook, instagram etc .

in simple terms you earn by posting commenting posting videos liking, consuming content. yes it is that easy.

open an account on hive now and interact with the hive blokchain.

ps i will try and to this crypto community as many tutorials as i can.

in mean time have a read through and ask any questions you might have.



It's a great day as I have the privilege of meeting you here! But since you are interested in something built on the blockchain, would love to see you on Commun as well https://commun.com/askcommun/@support/1589882559 where you can set up your own community with your own token and get donations from the first day 😇