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First of all a cordial greeting.

For this little animation I used Macromedia flash player, obs studio and icecream video editor.

After spending a good and entertaining time making the animation in macromedia flahs, I started to record it with obs, a program that records in real time completely "FREE" and without watermarks. I used icecream to cut and edit the video.


Conquistadores de mundo is a survivor type animation, maybe I will continue it with other aspects and forms but for now I decided to make it like this, it lasts a little less than a minute but in reality I will try to make these shorts with a duration of 3 minutes, it is musical so that it can be appreciated in all languages.


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Impresionante Chiqui, te quedó muy brutal. Esto es lo que te decía, vas muy bien.

jejeje si ya voy empezar otra con bastante sangre morada . ¿No tendrás unas músicas como esa que me regales?

Wow, I didn't even know Flash exists yet...! Awesome work!

hehehe I am the only one who still uses flash, and the truth is very entertaining, what I find difficult is the music.

I loved it! I was a web programmer using Actionscript. My son at age of 4 years started programming a game, because it was a nice combination of drawing, animation and programming...!

Keep enjoying it!


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