Qurator's Photo Quest | Color Splash Photography!

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Color Splash Photography! What a cool topic. The first thing that came to mind was soap bubbles. The world is reflected in all colors in soap bubbles and it really looks like splashes of color. Every time I feel like a child who is happy to discover the world when I see soap bubbles ...

eyeemfiltered1563652223865 (2).jpg



My second thought was nature. The most beautiful and intense colors can be found, for example, in the world of plants.




IMG_5431 (2).jpg

Or in the animal world ... the classic is definitely the Camelion. But also a peacock and the butterflies can be seen in terms of the variety of colors ...




There is of course this variety of colors in everyday life.


IMG_4355 (2).jpg


All photos are ©@akinome
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https://www.pictrs.com/akinome-l?l=de and

eyeem: https://www.eyeem.com/u/akinome and
GettyImages: https://tinyurl.com/y989kyw8
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Cool! Thank you🌻

You're welcome @akinome 😊👍 Nice motivation!
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Nice shot

Thank you very much!