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Since we have settled in nicely in Hive and got some data to work with we thought it would be worth it to give a little update about how Qurator handles delegations to the @qurator account. As you know we have gone full manual when it comes to upvoting posts, with the exceptions of some upvotes as prizes for competitions. We have been fortunate enough to get quite a bit of support from everyone here on Hive when it comes to delegations and we are sitting at around 340 000HP in total that we use to curate with. That is 30 000HP from the @qurator account and 310 000HP from delegations.

Rewards for Delegations

After we moved to Hive we decided to share 80% of all curation rewards to those who delegate to @qurator. Paying out your portion equal to your delegation. We wanted to wait and gather some data so we can see what the typical payout looks like. These payouts go out daily and by looking at data from 30 days we can see that the payouts are averaged at 0.322 HIVE per 1000HP delegated. These payouts go out daily and they do differ from day to day as you can see in the little chart below.


Average 0.322 HIVE per day for every 1000HP delegated

Current Curation Results

Our little team of curators is always trying to upvote the good quality, original, and undervalued posts. That not only help us to optimize our curation, but also help to motivate those that might not be getting the attention they deserve, hopefully contributing this way to increase Hive's user retention rate. A win-win situation. On average we normally get more than 100HP curation per day. We normally stay above 80% voting power when voting and ensure the upvotes are split among many authors. As a rule, we will never upvote the same author more than twice a week, thus ensuring we share the Qurator upvotes with as many authors as possible.

Below is the curation for the last few days:


The big dip in the middle was when we moved over to Hive and as you can see the manual curation is doing much better than the automated system.

As for the results and return you can see the curation that still needs to come in this week. (note that this is not always 100% accurate) This method works way better than the automation that we use on Steemit. Thus the much better curation.


With all that being said I hope this will give everyone and idea of how curation and delegations are handled and the results that back them. Be it for investment or project support, know that your delegation will give you a solid return as well as ensure curation to authors that definitely deserve it.

Thank you to everyone who has delegated to @qurator and we hope to keep on rewarding you with better payouts and better curation numbers!

For any questions or comments feel free to drop a comment on this post or head over to our Discord to speak to one of our mods.

Qurator's Discord Channel


Delegation links for @qurator

We pay out 80% of all curation to those who delegate, that includes the curation of the stake that @qurator holds. Daily payouts in the form of liquid Hive.

After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your Hive NAME and Private Active Key to delegate.
Please remember to leave at least 50HP in your account and that new delegations overwrites the old one. Always use the total amount you want to delegate.
If you need assistance to delegate other amount, please contact us on Discord

The Qurator project is brought to you by:

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just delegate 400HP, can someone check if everything goes correctly? I think yes, txt 6c91e99904446a586e2ad914f7538d1ad3bcd376 :)

Yes, its all correct :) Thank you very much!
You can easily check your delegations in your peakd wallet.


I really like this initiative. I will have to look into delegating.

Thank you! Feel free to come talk to us on Discord if you have any questions :)

Great stuff here!
About time that I become a curator methinks?

Thank you Stephen! :)

My pleasure as usual.

Always been exceptionally fair system, keep up the good work!

Thank you for sticking with us Joan for you delegation :)

First community I joined and have always enjoyed visiting, time permitting, keep up the good work.

I just checked! You were out 53rd member :D Pretty amazing!

Great guys! I have just delegate you 5k HIVE! 💪

Thank you very much for the support and trust 💪 It will go a long way :)

Great work. With this initiative more quality and original posts will be coming up

We sure hope so :)
Thank you!

I am joining in.... @qurator sooner will delegate...my HP..

Awesome! Thank you for the support :)

Done @qurator hope it reaches to you...and soon it get me good rewards too

Yes, it arrived safe and sound :)
Thank you!

Great....will see and may boost...in future..

Hello @qurator. This is my 3rd month on Hive and just came across this post. Great work. I'll send in my delegation.

Thank you very much for the support!
Hope you are enjoying it here :)

I also wanna delegate but I am really confused about the APR.

You can check Qurator's APR here: https://hivestats.io/@qurator
We share 80% of the curation rewards with the delegators.

This is a nice initiative, I wish to know if the information in this post is still valid since it's been three years now.

Hello, the information is valid. The values likely changed since they depend on curation rewards.

I have been thinking about delegating for a while now...As a newbie, i guess learning about stuff like this is really awesome...