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Qurator's Photo Quest | Something Sharp

The first photo was my entry for Qurator's Photo Quest | Something Sharp, hosted by @qurator. Quest Link here

Something sharp that is not sharp enough to hurt the guy who pokes himself with an Indonesian dagger, also known as "keris.". Well, it was actually sharp and can really hurt everyone who pokes at it. But that young man has been blessed and prayed for by their priest so he can be invulnerable to any weapon. (the first photo)

The act was part of the original performance by the Baliness people, which was known as the Barong dance. The dance portrayed the story of Barong, known as the force of good, and his battle with Rangda, the force of evil. It was a super awesome performance like the other performance, but the difference between this performance and the other performance was that it involved the spirit.

Before the performances are held, the priest will pray to each dancer so the specific spirit will give them superpowers according to their character. Believe it or not, one way for them to call the spirit was to give them sacrifice like chicks. Even some didn't believe that fact because, for them, it was just for the act, but I do believe that that spirit existed during the performance because I could feel the different air during the performance.

Bali is a spiritual land. When I was visiting the rural area of Bali and listening to their folk tales from locals and even from the priest, somehow I could relate their beliefs to their historical origin.

I hope I can visit the land of Bali to learn more about the mystic story again and record it in a proper way.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy today's journey. See you on another journey.

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