Bringing Users to Hive that stick around & contribute Value

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Improving Hive, one solid dapp at a time

HiveCast is lookin good so far, please help us FOSS it & Launch it!

Lookin great so far! A 39% approval rate in just the first week! 🎉

Since 2016 we've been bringing awesome apps, libs and services to Hive. Real users who actually stay here with us and contribute value to the chain. Now with the HiveCast tuner/aggregator we will be able to actually start taking some market share from the likes of Youtube, Spotify, Netflix and Apple Podcasts.

"We roll out the welcome mat for new users and get them into various communities, delegate them 10 HP or more, show them how the wallet works and encourage them to interact with others. Getting them a couple friends here increases their chances of staying here."

So if you haven't seen the post or clicked that Support button yet, please do. As always, we're here for the long haul and bringing even more value to Hive.

Please and Thank You! 💪

  • Team/hw: 1 nodejs/react Dev, 1 nextjs/tailwind Dev, 1 PM/beta tester, 1 staging server/env, 1 HAF server/admin and 1 forgejo git server
  • Dates: Start September 15, 2023. End March 15, 2024
  • Length of this Proposal: 6 months (182 days)
  • Amount: 118 HBD per day (a grand total under $22k)

Accountability: Biweekly updates by @kenCode & @Agorise



Keep these coming! I read your previous post explaining HiveCast. I'm still trying to understand how it works.. Could it be demoed with any of the existing weekly shows? Khal does one, there's CTT and Crypto Maniacs too.

HiveCast is not live yet for public download, but in the meantime think of it this way: A "tuner" or "aggregator". Give the app the url to any Hive-Tube channel or any RSS media feed and it will stream that content to your tv. pc or mobile device and enable you to interact with those streams (livestreams too) in real-time with livechat/commenting, tipping, and upvoting.

Imagine listening to a live radio station and being able to tip a specific song when it comes on the radio and the artist of that song gets your tip in 3 seconds. Or watch your favorite livestreamer on your tv, upvote and/or send him a superchat with Hive or HBD during his/her stream.

The youtube app (for just 1 example), will never let you tune in to streams from other platforms or let you interact with them, let alone getting PAID to do so..

HiveCast DHF Proposal #274

Ok, so wrote a little post about it today right here:

HiveCast DHF Proposal #274 needs your vote!

Lets go!! !PIZZA

Exactly! :)
Our HiveCast DHF Proposal above still needs some love tho 🤞
You've got my support! I have a Mic flag printed and everything, I am ready to start generating podcast ready content for 3speak, do I just upload it normally or do I need to do anything fancy to prepare for HiveCast tuner?

Thank you sooo much! :)

Whatever streaming platform you choose, make sure they do not require any KYC at all such as email or phone. KYC eventually leads to censorship. Also, streaming/social media platforms that have ads will also censor at some point, so try to avoid them.

https://Cast.Garden is a great podcast host too. Open RSS, P2P streams, no KYC or ads of course and unbeatable syndication.. even to the Fediverse network.

As long as the streaming platform offers media RSS feeds, and/or is powered by Hive-Tube on the back-end, the new HiveCast dapp will aggregate and tune in to it perfectly.

Lookin good! I am very excited to finally get to test out HiveCast, seeing how well Hive-Tube and Cast.Garden already work.

Thank you mercadomaestro hopefully we get enough votes in time on our HiveCast dhf proposal! 🤞🤞


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@blocktrades this is a no brainer, one of the top developers on Hive you should be supporting 110%