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RE: A curated list of awesome Hive resources.

LOVE this idea.

I noticed that isn't there (

I just used it, it works flawlessly and frankly is a tool everyone in the community should know about.

Also, I sent a pull request adding my Hive dapp cXc Music and THEN I saw your section about contributing. I'll try again ha ha.


I don't see anything remotely similar to the apps like the old "minnowbooster" or similar bot apps. I have been looking for one, but somewhere in the shift to Hive I don't know what the best one to use is, or even what's still working or not.

anyway, great work!


Nevermind, I think I actually did the pull request right. I'll do another for swap app.

Also, I see no blocktrades? Is this a list omitting trading apps by choice or just not added yet??

I couldn't find a good section to add swap app, so maybe you don't want to list these types of apps?

New categories, or improvements to the existing categorization are welcome.

Having a list of exchanges that support Hive is something I'd like to see on the list, but we need to be very careful with adding entries there.

Gotcha. Thanks for accepting my Pull request!! We are honored to have our service on the list!