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Source is an awesome platform for anyone and every blogger out there. And where is comes to communities here on hive I can same they are pretty amazing and awesome but I think they can be some improvement done to make hive communities more better and stronger.

My 3 hive community improvement ideas:

• Highlights Statistics Of Community: It's cool that we can be able to see the number of subscribers a community have and also likewise the number of posts that have been published so far on it. But to me, it will be better if we can know the number of posts published in alike every week to know if a community is growing, just static, or better still lagging in the activity.
Also, it will be good if we can see how engaged a community is so that the engagement spirit of each community can be judged fairly and for us to know whose members are good at engaging on the hive platform

• Discussion Forum: Yeah, it's a community of people with like minds and ideas but there are also some dissimilarities. It will be lovely for each community to have a discussion forum on the hive platform where a particular topic is to be discussed. And each topic should have a time frame: like a new topic every day or maybe a week depending on what the community chooses

• Easy Way Of Sorting Communities: For a newbie, it may tedious to find the right community that supports intending posts. I think hive communities should be group into labels when searching through communities.

It will be nice if we look into the label General and be able to find Gems community, OCD community, Powerhousecreatives
Literature contests Inkwell, freewrites
Photography Photography lovers and Photofeed community.
This will make a user know where his/her post belongs to.



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