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RE: Proposal: reduce Hive inflation by reducing curation rewards

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Supporting the quality content should be a mandatory, the content that brings real value to the Hive.Blog or Peakd. The content should be the case why people really wanna read it. It's MEDIUM kinda content when readers really pay for reading that.

It's not about writing some code posts about HF updates (example) that lots of top 20 whales do, receiving huge rewards... that should be at least burned cuz most of them HDFunded, when social people see this, they also see a huge abyss between them, this could be discourageous.

Curators should be payed for curating - maybe. Good quality content creators need to be sure that their content will be needed and supported.

I really liked the idea written under the Solution 2, but in the direction of proof of verification ... it's like minting the NFT on the HE - you have to pay 4 that! Why not give the people some kind of the permission to post to the top topic communities which are going to represent Hive quality posts on the main page of HiveBlog or Peakd for burning some Hive? Starting from 5 Hive per post will stop people from shitposting - mining and make em feel more serious about what they are doing.




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I completely agree with this comment. Also I think that HIVE token needs to adopt stuff that make LEO token popular, for example ads and token burning.

Если бы я выбирал куда вложить свои активы между HIVE и STEEM, не имеяя опыта, что я имею. Мне, как инвестору было бы намного приятнее получать 50% кураторских вознаграждаений и меть возможность вывести в ликвидные средства свой стейк за 4 а не за 13 недель.

Думаю, эти изменения могут сделать STEEM более привлекательным местом для инвестиций нежели HIVE. Считаю любое изменения кураторских вознаграждей абсолюно АЛОГИЧЕСКИМ ВАРИАНТОМ.

I like it!

I support you!🐝