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RE: Support Decentralized Hive Fund: Return Proposal

in Hive Improvement4 months ago

Good stuff to brand it on Hive :)

It would cost a lot to create a proposal with such a distant end_date

IMO it is good to have some costs to prevent spam.

But I'm more a fan of " hire fast - fire fast". I also think the price is too high for microtasks.

Low-cost proposals and more of them are IMO much better than expensive ones and only some. 10$ is IMO good spam protection, and to hide the spam a downvote/hide vote would work IMO.

I would like more a mentality of "let's try things out" and if they doesn't work after some time period, defund.

I think we have a lot of know-how in our community from different topics. To get the potential out of it we should be more open to funding some things.

I think it is close to impossible to get a 20$ a day proposal get funded. But in these can be a lot of long term value.


IMO it is good to have some costs to prevent spam.

Of course, that was the idea behind it.
For micro tasks author rewards are good enough.

that's also true :D