Thoughts on doing a progressive tutorial on JavaScript for Absolute Beginners.

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I am not a SUPER PRO DEV, but I can build with codes, JavaScript to be precise. I focus on building front-end applications. I can build with Vue, and a couple of frameworks. So, I have been thinking of posting something progressive in JavaScript for beginners, but I think it could be hard to manage with texts.
All the good tutorials I have seen are videos, but I am not a video guy and I will need some good gadgets to provide a good quality video which I don’t have for now. Though I am planning and setting up a section to use as a studio in my house, but this may take a while because I need many things.


I am seen many coding related contents on Hive, but most of them are about building something with something. They are all useful, but it is not something real beginner can learn from. My initial aim for starting the Gitplait community/project is because I want to see real growth in people. I see some obvious points now that this can only be achieved if there are many like-minded individuals to work together and produce quality work to get the people moving forward in knowledge.


Nevertheless, I will consider starting something basic for real beginners to learn from in a couple of days. I will ensure no part of the series went missing because I will add up the links on every part and I will try to make it very clear. If I can set up my little studio ASAP, I will make them videos, otherwise, it will be text.

Thank you!


This post was written to me!!!!!yes yes and yes, you do need to start already with what you have bros. We are waiting on you, me I'm waiting. Ejor bros

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Ok, bro! I will start pretty soon.